Android app news: Skyfire 4.0 adds Facebook smarts

Flash-happy web browser now charging for the privilege

Web video conversion no longer free on Android.

Skyfire has updated its mobile browser for Android phones to include quick links to social sites, but will now charge users if they want to access it's most important feature - the ability to play troublesome web video on your device.

The Skyfire 4.0 updated is available to download from the Android Market now and contains quick links to your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as Google Reader and Groupon. It also gives you the opportunity to share stories quickly as well as offering news feeds.

But that's not the reason why most Android and iOS users download this browser, it's the work-around that allows Flash video to be played on phones that don't want to play ball.

Skyfire will now charge for that privilege, bringing it into line with the iPhone and iPad versions of the browser. Android owners will now have to pay a one-off fee of $3 to access previously unattainable videos online.

Skyfire rose to fame as the browser that brought Flash video capabilities to Apple's Adobe-plug-in-hating iOS devices, by converting video to friendly formats from you and sending it back to your phone.

While most new Android phones are now equipped with Flash 10.1 on-board, there's still a host of older devices that are still unwilling to play ball with a host of web video.

Link: Skyfire (via Gizmodo)