600,000 UK users drop Facebook

Zucker punch

Statistics from a social media monitoring company show that the number of Facebook users in the UK dropped by 600,000 in December

Over 600,000 UK Facebook members left the site in December, a fall of 1.86%. The figures, released by social media monitoring firm SocialBakers, reveal that the UK is the only country in Facebook’s top ten busiest to experience a fall in numbers.

According to the firm, 53% of the UK population use the social networking site, with some experts saying this level of market penetration could be the reason for a sudden drop in numbers.

Rival social network, MySpace has this week re-launched its whole website in order to grab a slice of the social networking pie.

The news comes just before Facebook is set to make an ‘important announcement’ at a press conference - rumoured to be a search engine to rival Google.

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