How to build your own business website

Free and easy tools to get your business trading online

Want to know how to build your own business website? Look no further, as T3 counts down the best website building tools that can help lift your business off the ground

Building and designing a business website is pretty much effortless, thanks to a host of new and free online tools that pretty much do all of the work for you. Take your business to the world market with these easy to use tools which will have you up and running in no time. From designing a website from selling products online using an E-commerce system, the following sites have it all...

BEST FOR… A quick sell
Get Shopped
Build your site using WordPress (recommended below) then apply this easy and free eCommerce plug-in to begin selling in an instant.

BEST FOR… Simplicity
Builds Webs
Build your site using one of the 300 elegantly simple templates, then add PayPal or Google Checkout and social-networking extras.

BEST FOR… Website widgets
As well as eCommerce through PayPal, Yola also offers a bunch of extra embeddable widgets for YouTube, Google Maps, Flickr and more.

BEST FOR… Ease of use
Laughably simple free website builder. Just drag and drop elements like Google Checkout and Google Maps and blogs into place.

BEST FOR… Free marketing
Similar to Weebly, this website creator has the added bonus of extra web marketing, newsletter mail outs and search-engine optimisation tools.

BEST FOR… Coders
Anyone with HTML or basic PHP coding skills can build fully customisable sites using this open-source web content-management system.

How to build a successful website

Tim Tucker, Web User Experience Designer and Content Strategist,

1/ Choose a good content management system. I recommend WordPress for its ease of use and wide range of themes.

2/ Research keyword phrases relevant to your business – Google AdWords is a great free resource – then use them in your page titles and article headings.

3/ Update your site as often as possible. Frequent content keeps people coming back.

4/ Keep copy concise and break it up to make it easy to scan read.

5/ Ensure you have plenty of “calls to action”.