The best PS5 HD Camera Black Friday deals of the day

No PS5 is complete without Sony's PS5 HD Camera, now with Black Friday discounts

PS5 HD camera Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony's PS5 has now started shipping out to happy customers all over the world. The follow-up to the PS4 is, in many ways, better while retaining the charm of its predecessor, upon which Sony's game empire has been built. But no PS5 is complete without accessories and Black Friday deals are a great way to bag them.

One such deal is for the PS5's HD Camera, built by Sony, which offers 1080p video capture while in-game as well as a stand, for sitting atop your TV, and the ability to cut out backgrounds right from the PS5. 

If you're looking to record footage when in-game, whether that's for your own consumption or for sharing with the wider world, getting an HD Camera is a must. The dual lenses add extra clarity to the picture and the PS5's software makes altering the shot and editing it super simple.

If you're on the fence, Black Friday has brought some good deals, too.