PS5 problems: from PlayStation 5 crashes to PS5 bugs – here's how to fix all known launch issues

The PS5 launch is here! If you've been lucky enough to get your hands on the new system, there's a few kinks to iron out...

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(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 and Xbox Series X have now launched worldwide, with some regions – like the UK and Europe – currently enduring their day one frenzy as everyone tries to get their hands on Sony's new console.

But it's not all downhill once you've snagged the hardware, with reports of both systems running into their fair share or bugs, crashes, and downright mystifying malfunctions. Luckily, there are fixes for your PS5 problems, and Sony has already released the first stability update, which should help smooth things over. 

While it's unlikely that the majority of players are going to run into really sticky issues, like their console bricking, there are a few PS5 bugs that appear to be a bit more common. Here's a list of all the PS5 problems we know of so far, whether there's a workaround, and hot to fix them. 

Download queue bug

This PS5 download queue bug is preventing some users from modifying downloads or even starting games altogether. As IGN initially discovered, sometimes games with download errors disappear from the download queue whilst the PlayStation Store insists the user does not own the title they’re trying to install, preventing access to the game. 

How to fix it

Bad news: the only known fix is a full factory reset, wiping your system data. It’s certainly an inconvenience, but cloud save support thankfully negates worrying about lost progress. 

In terms of what causes the bug, that's still an unknown. One Reddit user claims they've run into the error when installing a game with insufficient storage space. However, IGN reported a whole host of potential triggers from Godfall, Demon’s Souls, and even the Disney+ app that caused the bug without a full SSD. 

Rest Mode crashes

PS4 users will be well aware of the Rest Mode functionality that quickly resumes suspended software while consuming significantly less power. The PS5 equivalent however appears to be causing frustrating hard crashes and database rebuilds. On ResetEra, users claim that Spider-Man Remastered and PS4 games running off an external hard drive are common culprits for crashes, if left running in rest mode. 

Meanwhile, members of the games press have taken to Twitter reporting that crashes can also occur in Godfall and Demon’s Souls whilst the database rebuild issue, in very rare cases, has permanently bricked systems. 

How to fix it

The best fix for this one is either to quit software before switching to rest mode or turn off the feature entirely. Insomniac community director James Stevenson also stated that a fix is coming soon in the case of Spider-Man. 

 PS5 playing PS4 versions of cross-gen games 

When you pick up your shiny new PS5, you ideally want to be playing the best PS5 games, right? You don't want to discover you're playing old PS4 versions of games, but Reddit users have noticed that this is exactly what has been happening in some cases. 

Cross-gen titles including Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with different PS4 and PS5 versions both being installed on the console. The PS5 will then default to the older PS4 game when pressing the Play button, rather than the PS5 version. 

How to fix it

As Activision Support clarified, this can be quickly fixed by clicking the three dots next to Play and selecting the PS5 file. This can also be combined with the download queue bug if attempting to install the correct version, in which case a factory reset is still the only known fix.

Ultimately, both consoles are having their share of launch niggles, but hopefully Microsoft and Sony will be quick to roll out patches to address hardware stability. 

The PS5 launches in remaining regions tomorrow, but if you don't manage to nab one, don't panic! Sony's Jim Ryan says more PS5s will be on the way both before and after Christmas; things aren't looking so good for the new Xbox, with Phil Spencer warning of shortages that could last until 2021.

We're expecting some retailers to hold back stock for their Black Friday deals – although don't expect any discounted hardware just yet. Having any stock at all is the main draw for stores right now, so be sure to visit the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy in the coming weeks.