Samsung Note 21 might be leaving us but it kickstarts a new Samsung Galaxy era

Samsung's entire 2021 flagship line-up is out and it's a little surprising

Galaxy Note 20 series
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 launch is fast approaching, if rumours of its early January release are true. What of Samsung Galaxy Note 21 though? Well, with news of the Galaxy Scroll, it's looking increasingly like we're not getting a Note range next year. Can it be true?

Noted leakers have been suggesting that Samsung will merge the S series with Note Series, and refocus its efforts on the foldable Z series, as its new flagship. The news that the Galaxy S21 will get S Pen support lends weight to the theory, and the latest titbit could be the nail in the Note 20 follow-up's coffin.

Twitter leaker Max Weinbach shared a list of Samsung's 2021 flagships, and the Note 21 is nowhere to be seen. Weinbach reels off the S21 FE, meaning we can expect to see a successor this the Galaxy S20 FE; the Galaxy S21 series, comprised of the base model, the S21+ and the S21 Ultra; The Galaxy Z Fold 3; Galaxy Z Flip 3, meaning Samsung is skipping the 'Flip 2' moniker as suggested; and the Galaxy Z Fold FE, which is the lite edition we've been hearing about. 

Weinbach added that three of the devices listed will feature S Pen support, making the Note 21's demise look even more certain. It's likely that the three handsets that will accommodate the S Pen will be all three models in the S21 series. We wouldn't expect it to be supported by the less premium phones like the FE editions, and as it stands, the foldable display tech isn't able to support the S Pen.

However, let's not forget the patent spotted last month that indicates Samsung is working on new screen tech for its Z series that will allow foldable screens to support the S Pen. Could we see Samsungs foldable flagships and the high-end S21 Ultra boasting stylus support? We'll have to wait and see if the tech is ready. 

In any case, former-Note fans won’t be short of opportunities for S Pen support, but the integration is key. There’s a world of difference between a phone that supports the S Pen, and one that’s designed from the ground up to work in tandem with it. Hopefully Samsung understands this, and the experience will be just as smooth with flagships in 2021 and beyond.