Amazon PS5 launch day stock updates plus LIVE PlayStation 5 availability

Hourly updates on Amazon's PS5 stock and where to find the PlayStation 5 console for sale

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After a flurry of PS5 pre-orders, the console is back in stock at retailers for the online exclusive PS5 launch, and if you're looking to get your hands on a PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition, get yourself over to Amazon, sharpish. 

PS5 launch day is likely your last chance to score a console before Christmas at RRP, and Amazon is the primary destination to bag Sony's PlayStation 5.

Buy a PS5 at Amazon

Amazon usually gets a generous allocation of stock, so be sure to bookmark Amazon's PS5 launch day order page and keep refreshing so you don't miss out on a second chance at the next-gen console. 

Amazon does offer alerts you can sign up for to let you know when the PS5 is available, but truth be told we wouldn't rely on that service. We suggest gamers check back in on the PS5 product page at least every 30 minutes, and ensure they are signed-in and have 1-click ordering enabled for a fast purchase.

Buy a PS5 at Amazon

Buy a PS5 at Amazon
Amazon was in the same boat as every other retailer when PS5 pre-orders opened, selling out almost immediately. We're expecting launch day stock to become available today, but it hasn't stated a time. You can sign up for alerts to be notified as soon as the PS5 is available, so if you want to cover all of your bases, we suggest doing that too.   

The good news is that PS5 peripherals are in stock, meaning you can order an extra DualSense controller, Media Remote, or Pulse 3D Wireless Headset to round out your PS5 haul. 

There's also a range of PS5 titles available including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. If you don't have plans to pick up a new game, your PS4 titles will get a boost on the PS5 so you can still enjoy an upgrade if you're halfway through an existing title – although you'll want to check if your save data is transferrable first.   

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