Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 pre-order deals for July 2024

Here's where to find the best pre-order deals on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals
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Over the course of the recent Samsung Unpacked 2022 event, the latest line of Galaxy devices were announced to excited fans everywhere. One of which was the latest foldable smartphone from the brand, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. As soon as word dropped that Samsung announced the new smartphone, pre-order deals for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 opened up across the net.

Eager fans hoping to get their hands on Samsung's latest foldable are in luck, too, as many retailers are offering exclusive pre-order deals – including trade-in offers, BOGO deals and much more. Officially marked for a August 26, 2022 release date, now's the time to place your reservations to take advantage of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 pre-order deals available.

Sure to be one of the best Android phones once it's available, the new Z Flip 4 is loaded with new features. Including enhanced widget controls for the front cover display, a larger battery capacity and improved performance, it's already a shoe-in for our list of the best folding phones out there. With plenty of pre-order deals on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 already available, the new Galaxy phone is a solid bet for those looking for a new device.

Mobile carriers and stores alike have pre-order offers available, so whether you're hoping to buy the new Samsung phone outright or upgrade to a new service there's a deal for just about everyone. We've compiled a list of where to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 below, along with who has the best pre-order deals available.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Pre-Order Deal Today

Samsung Store

Samsung Store
Samsung by far has the best pre-order deals for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, offering a multitude of offers to go along with their latest foldable smartphone.

On top of a free memory upgrade AND free case when you pre-order, Samsung is giving up to $300 instant credit towards your purchase along with up to $1,000 enhanced trade-in credits for your old device.

As of now, no other pre-order deals match what Samsung has to offer.

Where to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fiip 4

If you'd rather grab your new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 pre-order elsewhere, here's all of the places you can nab the latest device. Most have some sort of pre-order deal going on , but some are definitely better than others. Choose wisely!

How much does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cost?

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 starts at a modest $999.99 and goes from there. This price can drop of course if you're planning to do a trade-in, and in some cases can make the new phone as cheap as just $200 with the right device being handed in.

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