5 exercises, a home weight and this leg workout to build muscle in your thighs

Try this super-quick inner thigh workout for fast results

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It's leg day – are you ready?! Incorporating strength training for your legs into your workout routine will provide significant benefits, such as stronger and more toned quadriceps and hamstrings and relieving lower back pain. Plus, leg strength training will enhance your athleticism to compete in sports such as football, basketball and track and field and burn fat by boosting your metabolism. 

Today, we're bringing you a killer thigh workout that you will definitely want to add to your rotation.

In this workout by Venezuelan model and fitness influencer Michelle Lewin, we are shown five thigh exercises involving a single 10 kg weight disc, a medium-sized barbell and ankle weights that will seriously bolster your quadriceps, glutes and core.

Don't worry; even if you haven't got a spare set of barbells or weight plates at home, any weight you can hold in your hand will do, such as kettlebells or lighter dumbbells. The exercises that use ankle weight can be performed without any additional weight, or you can use a resistance band loop, often used for such workouts. The fice exercises featured in this workout are:

  • Weighted side lunges (20 reps x 4 sets)
  • Barbell crossover lunges (20 reps x 4 sets)
  • Barbell good morning (15 reps x 4 sets) 
  • Ankle-weighted kickback raises (12 reps x 3 sets)  
  • Ankle-weighted side raises (12 reps x 3 sets)

If this workout seems too daunting, then why not read our beginner’s guide on best leg workouts? For those who are more experienced in this area and looking for a simple home routine, check out this single dumbbell leg workout.

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As for those with spacious living rooms (or garage gyms), we suggest having a rummage around on T3's best barbells and best weight plates guides. For recovery, nothing beats using the best foam rollers – these are not only cheap but also supper effective to relieve the symptoms of DOMS.

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