Android users are also going to benefit when iOS 18 arrives

At WWDC 2024, a big change to the iPhone operating system was announced – but you probably missed it

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One massive update was very briefly mentioned at WWDC last night – and it's going to make the life of Android phone users much better.

The feature is coming to iPhones as part of the iOS 18 operating system.

Last night, Apple executives took to the stage at WWDC 2024. The event takes place every year, giving the company an opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest technology.

This year was no different. While hardware news was fairly reserved – save for some announcements surrounding the Apple Vision Pro – the full suite of the brand's software was given a new lick of paint.

That includes iOS 18. That's the latest technology for iPhone users – but it also offers something spectacular for Android phone users too.

Blink and you'll have missed it, but the presentation confirmed that RCS messaging is coming to iPhone. That's a big deal for Android aficionados who message iPhone users, and will now have the ability to send a better array of media.

Specifically, you'll be able to send high-resolution images and videos, create group chats, get read receipts and typing indicators, and use voice messages without opting for a third-party solution.

That's a pretty big step. For months now, the debate over messaging standards has raged on, with Apple remiss to give up their security in favour of connectivity with external devices. Something clearly changed, though.

Does this mean the end of the infamous green bubble? Not quite. As seen in materials about the new feature, the text bubbles remain green, but with a tag in the field which says "Text Message + RCS".

There is one slight down side, though. The RCS profile used by Apple doesn't facilitate end-to-end encryption, which means that the security features enjoyed by Android users won't be available.

Still, Apple is pretty hot on security, so we're sure there will be some measures in place. For the kind of user this is aimed at, it's also likely to be a sacrifice worth making to get the associated benefits.

Users looking to get the features on their device are able to from today with the iOS 18 beta. If you're planning to wait for the full release, expect to get hands on sometime this autumn.

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