This hidden iOS 18 feature is the real innovation from WWDC 2024

This unusual feature isn't available on any other phone we've heard about

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Despite everything shown off at WWDC 2024, there is still more to come for iPhone users.

A hidden feature – not mentioned on stage – has been found, and it's sure to leave you scratching your head.

As the dust settles on WWDC 2024, many are starting to dig a little deeper into the new features presented. The show was light on hardware, but certainly made up for it with software releases spanning their entire portfolio.

The highlight was unquestionably the new Apple Intelligence suite of features. Bringing more AI-powered features to the brand's suite of devices was a big moment, bridging the gap to other phones which have brought similar technology to market recently.

It's not the only thing, though. The brand revealed WatchOS 11, complete with the all new Vitals app. There were similar updates for the iPad and MacBook ranges.

We also saw iOS 18 unveiled. That's the latest version of the software for iPhone users, and brought a host of long-awaited features. Many online commentators have mocked the release, with the highlight appearing to be customisation options which have existed on other devices for years.

But there is one hidden feature which has been uncovered – and even your Android phone doesn't have this. As reported by Android Authority, the new operating system includes a feature which allows you to enjoy greater control over your flashlight. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Currently, the flashlight is a relatively simple affair. Gone are the days of just on and off – users can also adjust the intensity of the light to suit their situation. 

Now, you can also adjust the radius of the light beam.That allows you to utilise wider rays, or more intense, focused light as needed for your situation.

It's certainly an unusual feature to add in. I'm fairly confident no-one has been crying out for this feature – particularly as it doesn't appear to be available on other devices in the market.

Still, it's a really handy thing to have available. If you're looking to light different situations with your iPhone, you've now got more control than ever before.

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