Yellowjackets Season 2 is back, and it's "bloodier and darker". Here's where to watch it

What are you doing this weekend? The answer is Yellowjackets 2

Yellowjackets Season 2
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I've made no secret of my excitement over Yellowjackets Season 2, which I think will be up there with The Last of Us as one of the best streaming shows of 2023. And since I last made an excited squeaking noise about the return of one of my favourite shows, the review embargo have been lifted and the verdicts are in. 

The good news? The reviews are mainly great.

The bad news? It's only available on a limited number of streaming services. Here's what the reviews say and where you can watch it. 

Should you stream Yellowjackets Season 2?

Most of the critics really love it. Variety says it "returns bolder and bloodier" in an "intense" second season, and while it's often very bleak it maintains a "startling sense of humour throughout its storylines" – a real blessing when episodes delve much more deeply into psychological terror. Some long-foreshadowed scenes are "even weirder and more tragic than anyone could have anticipated".

Screenrant agrees, saying that "it's as mean, blackly humorous, and brutal as ever, and there's nothing else like it", adding: "To highlight any particular moment here could potentially ruin a number of shocking reveals, but it's safe to say that the kids are not all right."

The Hollywood Reporter isn't quite so delighted, however: it's "alternatively terrific and tedious", although reviewer Daniel Fienberg does say that the very bits he personally finds tedious may well be the bits other people find terrific. "I’m not invested deeply in anything in the present, but Ricci’s quirky choices, Lewis’ manic energy and basically anything related to Lynskey keeps me going.... it's not mechanically sound, but Yellowjackets is still moving forward. For now."

You'll be able to see for yourself soon enough: Yellowjackets Season 2 will be available to stream from 24 March in the US (on Showtime, and via other services' Showtime bundles) and in the UK (on Paramount+, which you can access via Sky or Now TV).

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