The best Sky TV deals and packages for October 2021

These are the Sky TV deals, packages and offers available today

Sky TV deals Sky Q
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Welcome to T3's best Sky TV deals for 2021 guide. This is the place where our dedicated deal-hunting team display today's very best offers on Sky TV packages – and prices start from as low as just £25 per month right now.

Sky Q is, by a country mile, easily the best TV system on the market today in our opinion, described in our Sky Q review as offering "top-of-the-range brilliance" that will "only get better".

Today, Sky Q has only gotten better, too, with Netflix on Sky Q as well as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video access baked in to the service's best in class user interface. And that's saying nothing about Sky's excellent voice search functionality and show recommendation features, either.

Overall, Sky TV on Sky Q is a superb way of dynamically enjoying TV in your home, and for the cheapest Sky TV deals available today ready on.

Sky TV deals: the cheapest deal available today

Sky TV's most affordable package right now is one that delivers the excellent Sky Q set top box along with Sky TV and Netflix subscription all together for £25 per month.

That package delivers 100 TV channels and over 500 boxsets to watch immediately, as well as full access to every show and movie Netflix has to offer.

Naturally, from that point you can then add things on to the package, such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, but naturally that then costs more. The full detail of the cheapest Sky TV deal can be viewed below.

Star Deal

Sky TV & Netflix | £25 per month
Sky TV and Netflix are offered here together for £25. The Sky TV part of the bundle delivers the Sky Q box and access to 100 channels and over 500 box sets, while the Netflix part delivers access to literally hundreds upon hundreds of top movies and TV shows. This deal works out at £6.25 per week and less than a pound a day. Superb value.

Today's complete Sky TV deals offering

The Sky TV deal above is the cheapest on offer today, however, Sky also has lots of bundle offers available right now that bundle its content packages together while saving you money.

These include combos of things like Sky TV and Sky Cinema, or Sky TV and Sky Kids content. Naturally, there's also plenty than include Sky's superb selection of Sky Sports channels as well.

If you've got a serious sport-watching itch that needs scratching, Sky also offers a package that includes Sky TV, Sky Sports and BT Sport, meaning if there's sport on, you're basically guaranteed to be able to watch it.

Today's full list of Sky TV deals can be browsed below.

The best Sky TV bundle deals

Sky TV's business model leans heavily towards users building their own unique TV package, but often a good way to get the lowest price is to pick up one of Sky's bundle offers. These combine popular content packages together for less monthly spend, such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies delivered together with a discount. Here are today's very best Sky TV bundle deals.


Sky TV + Netflix | £25 per month
This bundle deal bags you Sky TV and Netflix together for £25 per month. It comes on an 18-month contract, and there is a one-off £20 setup fee. This bundle is a great choice if you don't already have a Netflix subscription. If you do then you're better choosing a different bundle.


Sky TV + Sky Sports | £41 per month
Sky Sports is the most comprehensive selection of sports channels on the planet, granting access to live football, cricket, golf, Formula 1 and much more. It's available here bundled with 100 Sky TV channels for £41 per month on an 18-month contract. A £20 one-off setup fee also applies.


Sky TV + Netflix + Sky Cinema | £36 per month
For serious film fans then this Sky TV bundle is a great call, bagging you 100 Sky TV channels, every single Sky Cinema channel, and also full access to the Netflix content library, too. That is literally thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from whenever you want. £36 per month on an 18-month contract and with a £20 one-off setup fee.


Sky TV + Sky Sports + BT Sport | £65 per month
This is one of the most costly bundle deals currently available, but it does deliver the ultimate sports watching experience, combining Sky Sports and BT Sport channels together in one package. That means its owner has full access to both Premier League and UEFA Champions League football, among basically every other live sporting event you can think of. £65 per month on an 18-month contract. A one-off £20 setup fee applies.


Sky TV + Kids | £31 per month
If you've got children to consider in your TV watching then this bundle deal is well worth checking out. That's because it bundles Sky TV together with its Kids content package for £31 per month. Kids unlocks 8 TV channels that are specifically for children, as well as over 5,000 episodes of kids TV on demand. As with the other bundles, this comes on an 18-month contract and with a one-time ££20 setup fee.

Sky TV package add-ons we recommend

Sky TV also allows users to customise their TV package with a series of optional add-ons, which add in things like HD, UHD, and multiscreen functionality. Here at T3 we recommend the Ultra HD + HD add-on for anyone with a 4K resolution (or greater) TV, as it dramatically improves the picture quality delivered.

Even if you only have a Full HD TV capable of a 1080p resolution, we still recommend bagging the Sky TV HD upgrade, as it bumps up the picture quality delivered by the Sky Q box from SD to something that is much more visually acceptable.

Multiscreen functionality, meanwhile, should only be considered by those who need to be able to watch their Sky TV content on multiple devices at the same time.


Sky TV HD | £7 per month
Basically this should be a mandatory add-on for basically every new Sky TV customer. That's because it unlocks HD image quality, which today in 2021 is the base level of resolution for 99.99 per cent of TVs on the market. Here at T3 we heavily recommend this add-on.


Sky TV HD + Ultra HD | £11 per month month
And, talking of resolution upgrades, for anyone with a 4K TV then this upgrade, while not essential, is massively worth it in our opinion here at T3. That's because it unlocks UHD, 4K-resolution image quality, meaning that the content on Sky looks incredible detailed.

Sky TV Netflix | £5 a month

Sky TV Multiscreen | £15 a month
This is a more specialist add-on that is very much tailored to larger households or families who need to be able to watch their Sky TV content on multiple devices at once, such as in another room. So if you want to have one family member watch one thing in the living room, while another watches something else in the kitchen at the same time then this is the add-on you'll need.


Disney+ | £7 per month
Another hot new add-on that Sky TV customers can bolt-on to their TV package is a Disney+ subscription. This grants full access to the Disney+ library of content, which includes movies, TV shows and documentaries from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Star and National Geographic. Well worth the price of admission in our mind here at T3.

Sky TV deals

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The Sky TV custom package builder explained

Right now the cheapest Sky TV package you can get is £25 per month (with a one-off set-up fee of £20) and includes Sky TV and and a Netflix subscription. From there, though, you can then add on various different extras that, yes, increases the monthly price of the package, but in return adds in even more content and features.

So, for example, you can add on Sky Sports for an extra £20 per month. This adds 8 sports channels to your package. Or, if you're not a sports fan, you can add Sky Cinema to your package for £11 extra spend per month. There's more content packages available, too, including dedicated Kids channels and even Disney+.

In terms of feature add-ons, you can upgrade your package with things like Multiscreen functionality, which is great for watching content on Sky simultaneously on multiple screens in a home, as well as HD and Ultra HD resolution upgrades, which increase the picture quality delivered to your TV.

There are a few things to look out for in the custom Sky package builder, though. Firstly, Sky tends to run multi-buy offers where by you can add features on together and save money, so do consider these. Secondly, Sky also tends to offer free trials of content or features for reduced (or even free) prices. These tend to be time gated, though, so be sure to check what the price will be after the discount period ends, as your bill will automatically be adjusted. And, thirdly, some content add-ons like BT Sport come on rolling 30-day contracts, meaning you can pick them up and put them down through the year as required.

Lastly, in terms of the custom Sky package builder, each one comes with Sky's signature 18-month contract. Yes, unlike services like NOW, for example, that have just rolling monthly contracts that can be cancelled at any time, each Sky package has a minimum contract length of 18 months.

Ready to build your own Sky TV package? Head on over to the package builder now.

Why you should upgrade to Sky TV

Sky TV deals Sky Q

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So why should you make the jump to Sky TV? Well, for a start it's the market leader in content, with the game-changing ability to enjoy programming in UHD 4K, HDR, as well as some excellent audio credentials with the help of Sky Soundbox. You're also getting an entertainment hub that supports voice search, Dolby Atmos, a dynamic and super easy to use UI, and so much more.

Seriously, there is no end to the Sky Q tips and tricks, and that makes enjoying Sky TV super easy.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. You can even use your impressively talented Sky Q box to draw in a Netflix account as well, giving you access to another vast library of high-definition content. You can even get a discounted bundle deal that makes it cheaper than ever.

Indeed, it is this ability for Sky TV to act as a one-stop-shop to access all your paid-for content in one place that is its number one strength. You can, literally, access Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, BT Sport and all of Sky's content with just a few button presses or, excitingly, voice commands. Instead of having to keep jumping between devices to access specific content, Sky TV lets you do it all in just one place, easily.

Yes, Sky TV is the best TV service on the market today in the UK and, if you are looking to eat at the top table so to speak, then you've come to right place. That's because we've listed here all the best Sky Q deals and bundles on the market today in the aim of making your life as easy as possible in terms of finding the correct package for you.

Sky TV deals

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What's on Sky TV this month

The big shows to catch in August this month are Wonder Woman 1984, which is hitting Sky Cinema on August 27th, as well as the third season of Britannia, which is a Sky Original. Britannia III lands on August 24.

There's just so much more, too, with Great White, Winter Lake, Last Call, The Tenant, Violent Heart, The Dry, A Dragon's Adventure, The Kids Detective, Synchronic, Portal, Extinct, The Craft: Legacy, Phobias, The Eight Hundred, Dreamland and much more airing as well.

And that's discounting all the new content that is arriving on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in August, too.

Like the sound of all that top quality entertainment? Then start building you own Sky TV bundle right here.

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