The best Sky TV deals for Christmas 2018

Bringing you the best Sky TV deals on Sky Q, 2018's top-of-the-range TV box, during the Christmas sales

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There's just no way of getting around it: Sky Q is easily the best TV system you can buy right now. And we should know because we comprehensively tested it in our awesome Sky Q review and said that it is, "top-of-the-range brilliance - and it will only get better."

That was two years ago and, guess what, we were right! Today, Sky Q has only gotten better, most recently with an awesome Netflix on Sky Q integration package, and remains a superb way of dynamically enjoying TV in your home.

If you want the best telly box on the planet, then you've come to the right place, and thanks to the Christmas sales being now well and truly underway, you've come at the right time, too.

The best Sky TV Christmas deals

Sky TV | Sky Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Netflix, Box Sets | £55 a month at Sky on an 18 month contract (was £65 per month)
£10 off the monthly fee, saving you a further £180 off the contract price, makes this a great Sky deal. You'll still have to pay the Sky Q £75 setup fee, as well as the £9.95 delivery charge, but that is a minimal outlay to bag such a quality entertainment package, with T3 describing Sky Q as the "best-in-class proposition".View Deal

Sky Sports 9-month pass | now £179 at Now TV (was £306)
If you're a football fan and fancy watching all the football this season available on Sky Sports then this is the Black Friday deal for you. Oh, and that means you're also getting all Sky's exclusive coverage of the cricket, golf, F1 and a lot more besides.View Deal

Sky Cinema / Entertainment 12-month pass | now £99 at Now TV (was £215)
Now that is a hell of a lot of content for less than a ton, and is now available over at Now TV in a very attractive Black Friday deal. That's all of Sky's movie channels on top of the quality entertainment available on Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Sky Witness, FOX, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, Gold, ABC Studios and much more, too.View Deal

Sky Soundbox £220 (was £299)
The Soundbox is a compact home audio solution – but don't be fooled by its size. This is an impressive speaker system and comfortably earned a full five stars in the T3 review. Our reviewer branded the Soundbox a "no brainer" thanks to its stellar sound and ability to easily integrate with Sky Q.View Deal

Why you should upgrade to Sky Q

So why should you make the jump to Sky Q? Well, for a start it's the market leader in content, with the game-changing ability to enjoy programming in  UHD 4K, HDR, as well as some excellent audio credentials with the help of Sky Soundbox. You're also getting an entertainment hub that supports voice search, Dolby Atmos, a dynamic and super easy to use UI, and so much more.

Seriously, there is no end to the Sky Q tips and tricks.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. You can even use your impressively talented Sky Q box to draw in a Netflix account as well, giving you access to another vast library of high-definition content. You can even get a discounted bundle deal that makes it cheaper than ever.

Yes, Sky Q is the best-in-class TV box on the market today and, if you are looking to eat at the top table, then you've come to right place. That's because we've listed here all the best Sky Q deals and bundles on the market today in the aim of making your life as easy as possible in terms of finding the correct package for you.

Do I actually need the 2TB Sky Q box?

While the short answer to this question is no, the long answer is yes, and especially so if you are someone who is serious about their television.

The 2TB Sky Q box bags you up to 1000 hours in standard definition recording, for example, which is double the 1TB version, while you can also record six shows at once instead of three, while watching a seventh. It also bags you the luxe Sky Q Touch remote, an extra tablet allowance, and arguably the most important perk of all, the ability to flick on Ultra HD.

This latter benefit is essentially a must for anybody with a 4K TV, so if you are considering Sky Q with a 2TB box then you should definitely take a look at the best 4K TVs on the market today, too.