Now you can watch Netflix on Sky

Thanks to the new partnership, Netflix will now be integrated into Sky Q, and a new Sky+Netflix subs package has been created

Sky Netflix Sky Q

Sky has announced that it has struck a deal with Netflix that will see the streaming giant's content integrated into its Sky Q boxes.

The news, which comes days after Sky announced thousands of hours of new UHD content and Spotify integration, means that existing Sky Q customers will be able to enjoy Netflix's library of content directly through their set top box.

In addition to integrating the Netflix app in to Sky Q, Sky and Netflix have also created a new subscription package, which combines both services into a user's monthly bill.

 As part of the new partnership, Sky customers will be able to seamlessly access Netflix content in the Sky Q menu, plus quickly find their favourite Netflix programmes including the use of Sky Q’s search and voice search functionality. 

Existing Netflix customers, who already have a separate Netflix subscription, will be able to easily migrate their account to the new Sky TV bundle, too.

For us here at we feel this is a long overdue step for both companies. Sky Q is, by quite a way, the most superior set top box on the market right now and it boasts access to a very good selection of entertainment content, too. 

However, Netflix is still best in class for UHD, HDR movie and TV content, so by striking this deal the two have created a mutually beneficial partnership where only the customer wins. 

If you have Netflix already then you can now access that content through Sky Q, while if you combine your subscriptions into the new entertainment package, you can save a little money, too. And equally, if you aren't fussed about Netflix then you don't lose anything or pay more if you don't want to.

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