Xbox Series X pre-orders at GAME: Here's how to get your console in lockdown

GAME lays out lockdown plans for Xbox Series X pre-order customers

Xbox Series X
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Another lockdown is set to come into play this week, meaning that non-essential shops will be closed down again for the duration of November at least. 

If you've placed your Xbox Series X|S pre-order with GAME and were planning to go and pick it up on launch day, don't panic! While essential retail is set to close throughout this month, Xbox Series X|S store pre-order customers can still go and pick them up. Here's what you need to know to secure your order. 

GAME has tweeted an update to Xbox Series X|S store pre-order customers, and while we haven't had an update on the PS5 pre-orders yet, we're expecting to see something similar.

Anyone who's pre-ordered Microsoft's next gen console in-store can head to the shop they've ordered from between now and the end of play on Wednesday to pay for the hardware.  

Despite the fact that the Xbox Series X|S launch falls on November 10, in the midst of the new nationwide lockdown, GAME has told customers that once they've paid for their pre-orders, they can return to the store on launch day between 8am and 2pm to pick up their console. 

Xbox All Access customers utilising the smartphone-like payment plan will be contacted directly by GAME today with details on how to go about securing their order.

If you don't have an in-store pre-order/ deposit for the Xbox Series X|S, you'll have to sit tight and hope for more stock to become available online at launch, or possibly on Black Friday, which is what US retailer Best Buy is doing

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