iPhone 13 won't just have more storage than Samsung Galaxy S20. It'll have more than a PS5!

But does anyone actually need this much storage?

iPhone 12
(Image credit: Apple)

PS5 versus iPhone? Hey, why not? We're all used to seeing Apple iPhone do battle with Samsung Galaxy S20, not to mention Samsung S21 and the rest of the Samsung Galaxy family. Also, we know Apple and Samsung are always banging on about having gaming capabilities that can 'match' next-gen consoles from PlayStation and Xbox. But how often do you hear an iPhone leak that suggests Apple's iPhone 13 could try to outdo not just Samsung but Sony PlayStation 5? 

With Apple's iPhone 12 launch only just taking place – it was in late October, if you can remember back that far – some say it's too early to discuss the iPhone 13 and its potential features. But we say to hell with that. Rumours are already flying about what the new iPhone might contain, and the best Apple tipsters are out there tipping. 

And one popular Apple leaker has teased an iPhone 13 that features 1TB of storage. More than PS5 and also an amount that top scientists describe as "an F-tonne of storage." Yep, there's talk of a PS beating feature boost (and a Xbox Series X matching feature boost).

As seen on Tom's Guide, serial Twitter leaker Jon Prosser tweeted out the simple phrase "hope y'all are ready for 1TB phones." He didn't elaborate any further, and no surprise there.

Right now, the highest amount of storage you can purchase in any iPhone, including the most recent iPhone 12 line, is 512GB. Most other smartphones that compete with iPhone offer up to 256GB. Going all out with 1TB of space would be a massive game changer for those who tend to need to store gobs of data on their phones.

Having an iPhone 13 with the same amount of storage as the brand new Xbox Series X would be a massive boon in many ways, and would see it touting more storage than the PS5's 825GB SSD. 

There would be far less deleting of apps and games to make room for new ones, plenty more space for photos, and even the capacity to use the iPhone as something of a portable, cloud-based hard drive.

Of course, Prosser didn't elaborate on his reasoning for suggesting there may soon be iPhones with such large storage capacities, but given his track record, it's highly possible this is something we might see going forward with the iPhone 13.