Xbox Series X lagging behind PS5 in this fundamental area

Xbox Series X stumbles with this "unacceptable" feature

Xbox Series X
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As we get closer to the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch – only a few weeks away at this point – we're getting slivers of information about both consoles, fuelling fans' debates about which offers the best next-gen experience. 

Sony gave us a peek at the PS5's revamped UI and UX earlier this week, which has inadvertently revealed a couple of interesting tidbits about the system itself, as well as highlighting a major difference between it and Microsoft's console that has been dubbed "unacceptable" by fans. 

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The PS5's UI runs at a native 4K resolution, carrying forward this feature from the PS4 Pro. This is in stark contrast to the Xbox Series X, which offers 1080p resolution –the same as the current gen Xbox One X.

Digital Foundry's John Lineham called this out as a "big problem" on Twitter , saying he was "disappointed" with the 1080p Xbox One X dashboard, and seeing this standard move forward to Microsoft's next-gen console is "not acceptable." He adds:

"I believe they wanted to reserve more resources for games, which is fair, but I feel like the Series X should have enough spare resources to handle a higher resolution UI." 

As Lineham points out, nothing is set in stone just yet, and he's basing this judgement on information he heard earlier in the year, as well as media reports. 

Perhaps Microsoft will kick it up a notch when the console launches, or perhaps it's prioritising its resources elsewhere, and doesn't consider the UI to be worth the expenditure to get it to 4K.

We'll have to wait until launch to find out for sure, but as it stands, that's another win for the PS5 in Sony fans' book.  

Source: Metro

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