PS5 black edition looks more real by the minute

PS5 fans who aren't totally in love with the stark white console may have a classic black model to look forward to

PS5 black edition
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We're just a month out from the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch – two consoles that couldn't look more different, from the design to their chosen colorways. Microsoft has opted for a towering black monolith while Sony has a sleek and very unique, pristine white conch.  

While we've all made our peace with the new form factors, with the only real struggle being whether or not we can fit the sizeable hardware into our entertainment setups, the white PS5 will almost certainly make it stand out against the slew of black devices that are the norm. 

There have been rumors of a black PS5 console with both fan renders and leaked images from Sony marketing materials, and now a handful of photos have surfaced that lend more weight to the theory that we might be in for a black PS5 edition after all.  

Twitter user wellgamer789 shared images of a black DualSense controller along with FCC documents that includes its product code – CFI-ZCT1W. Users in the thread speculated that it was a prototype for the white DualSense, hence the 'W' in the end.

However, one of the FCC documents doesn't cite the W at the end at all, as spotted by whereisaaron, which may denote the color, so now it's up for debate as to whether this is a prototype or another piece of evidence pointing to a black PS5 edition waiting in the wings. 

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This isn't the first time a black DualSense controller has made an appearance. Back in August, a black version of the controller was doing the rounds, featuring a white D-pad and buttons.

The notable difference this time around is the that the buttons are black, which is more in line with what we'd expect, as aptly demonstrated by _AlexKyaw:

Sony has promised that "even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions" of the console will be on the way, but how they'll look and when they'll release is anyone's guess. 

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