Xbox Game Pass to get returning feature that should never have been ditched in the first place

Leaving soon to return soon

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Xbox Game Pass is in a really good place right now. It has a host of brilliant titles and even had the biggest game of 2024, Palworld, launch on the service earlier this month. The good news for subscribers just keeps coming too,with one dearly missed little feature set to come back.

Xbox insiders with Alpha Skip-Ahead access will notice a new dialogue box when playing a title that is about to leave Game Pass, informing them of the game's upcoming exit. From there, users can easily be taken to the store to purchase the game if they wish to keep playing forever.

It might sound like a minor feature but being able to see when a title is leaving Game Pass is important. If it's a title that requires a lot of time investment to get into and you're ambivalent, then it might be worth finding something else to play for example. Similarly, if you just can't put something down it's a handy warning to make the game yours before it's too late.  

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Luckily, for now, the Game Pass library doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The only titles currently in the 'leaving soon' category are F1 2021 and Hitman: World of Assassination, considering the 400-plus titles on the service, that's unlikely to be too big a loss. 

Aside from the outgoing games reminder, the latest Game Pass update is also set to bring a couple of other tweaks. You can now also filter games via "Accessibility Options, Supported Languages, and Technical Capabilities." which is handy if you're not on one of the best gaming laptops and can't crunch through AAA titles with ease.

If you're not sure about subscribing to Game Pass these latest updates aren't going to sway you but what should tempt you is the brilliant library of titles, including day-one launches for big exclusives like Starfield and Palworld

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