Will Apple release an iPhone 15 Ultra? There's good news and bad news

Will we see the ultimate iPhone this year?

iPhone 15 smartphone
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Brace yourself, it's almost time for the launch of the iPhone 15. With Apple inviting the world to its next event on the 12th of September, the smart money is on an iPhone 15 launch.   

There are always plenty of rumours about the next iteration of one of the best phones but this year there has been a new element to them. Some believe that there could be a new model this year, the iPhone Ultra. The one iPhone to rule them all.

Talk has been that it could feature a completely redesigned camera array, a titanium frame (which we expect on the pro models now) and even a 3-nanometer processor. Well, if you're looking for an iPhone Ultra, we've got good news and bad news.  

The good news? Chances are an Ultra is in the works for the future. The bad news? It almost certainly won't arrive with the iPhone 15. It is the iPhone 16 that is widely expected to see the first Ultra model. 

This premium instalment in the iPhone range is rumoured to feature a 6.9-inch screen, making it the biggest iPhone ever. But we also reckon it would take a 'yes and' approach to additional features. Expect a higher build quality with more premium materials and likely an improved camera, especially if we don't see a periscope lens arrive on this year's handsets. Of course, one thing almost certain with an ultra model is an ultra price tag. Probably over $2000.

iPhone 15 smartphone

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In 2023 however, we're probably just going to have to make do with the iPhone 15 Pro Max which itself might reach $2000 USD. This will be the definitive iteration of the iPhone 15 however and is widely expected to feature a titanium frame that will make it stronger and lighter. If all of the rumours are to be believed it might even be an 'Ultra' phone in everything but name. 

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