Want a black and gold BlackBerry Passport? Better be quick!

Only 50 of the ultra rare handsets will be made

If the already-different square BlackBerry Passport doesn't look alternative enough for your tastes, why not whack a bit of bling on it with a limited edition black and gold version?

Actually there's actually plenty of reasons why not. Not only will the gold trim look, dare we say it, tacky to some people but the black and gold version will also be sold in very limited amounts, so you might have a job getting your hands on one.

Only 50 of the black and gold BlackBerry Passports will be made available worldwide, with each one engraved with “Limited Edition” and a production number, so you can show off just how rare your smartphone is.

A Valextra cover made from soft calf leather with Valextra “costa” lacquered piping is also thrown in, which is the least they can do considering the price. You can buy (or at least try to) from the Shop BlackBerry website for $899, but even at that price, the stock of only 50 is sure to go pretty fast.

Pimp my BlackBerry Passport

Missed out on the black and gold BlackBerry Passport? Got more money than fashion sense? Don't worry, there are other ways to add bling to your BlackBerry.

Luxury Gold BlackBerry Passport

Forged in stainless steel and plated in 24k gold, the luxury website GoldGenie is offering a bespoke BlackBerry Passport for £1,247.50. The good news is that it comes with free shipping. The bad news is that price excludes VAT, so you'll need to bump up that price a fair bit.

Luxury Platinum BlackBerry Passport

Gold a bit too tacky for your taste? GoldGenie can also do you a platimum Passport as well, for the slightly higher price of £1,330.83. Again this excludes VAT but you get a cherry oak finished box thrown in as well.

Doing it wrong like Drake

BlackBerry enthusiast and rapper Drake loved his handset so much he got the edges plated in 24kt gold for the princely sum of £1,999. By paying that much and leaving the keys and frets as relatively cheap feeling plastic, we can't help but feel Drake should spend more time in the recording studio, and less time in the shops.