Walmart Black Friday deal: grab the Oculus Rift S for just $349

Change the way you game forever and save $50 in the process.

Oculus Rift Black Friday Walmart deals
(Image credit: Oculus)

The wait is over: Black Friday is just one day away and the deals have already starting pouring in from all major American retailers. T3 has spent the past weeks looking all over the place for the best deals, a job which now begins in earnest as every outlet drops their prices massively.

And that starts here with the Oculus Rift S, one of the first devices that really nailed VR gaming, bringing a genuinely new and innovative experience to the masses. The potential of actually being inside the game means developers can try new things, making fighting more intense or character arcs more interesting.

The Rift is PC-powered, meaning you can play every compatible game that you already own, a huge bonus for a new platform. The Touch controllers add a new way to interact with games, too.

Oculus Rift S | Was $399 | Sale price $349.99 | Available now at Walmart

Oculus Rift S | Was $399 | Sale price $349.99 | Available now at Walmart
Improved optics? Check. Ergonomic design? Check. Oculus Insight tracking? Check. Bundled touch controllers? Check. The updated Oculus Rift S really has it all, especially when it's $50 off.

One of the coolest features Oculus has added for the Rift S is what's known as Insight tracking, which lets the device track your movements no matter which way you're facing, matching that to the size of your physical environment by using external sensors. So if you have a tiny living room, don't worry about crashing into things. 

If you're thinking about taking the plunge into VR gaming this Black Friday season, there hasn't been a better time or offer than the one you see before you now.

Max Slater-Robins

Max Slater-Robins has written for T3 now on and off for over half a decade, with him fitting in serious study at university in between. Max is a tech expert and as such you'll find his words throughout, appearing in everything from reviews and features, to news and deals. Max is specifically a veteran when it comes round to deal hunting, with him seeing out multiple Black Friday campaigns to date.