VW’s made an office/gaming chair that you can drive to the shops

Never mind the best electric scooters: this is the 20km/h seat to beat

VW electric chair
(Image credit: VW)

If you're considering buying one of the best office chairs or best gaming chairs, close this browser tab. VW has made the ultimate office chair and even the most over-stuffed, over-specced and overly expensive rival looks pretty rubbish by comparison.

This is no ordinary office chair. This is a chair you can drive to the shops.

The office chair that thinks it's a car

The chair is currently a one-off, and was put together by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway. It can reach speeds of up to 20km/h with a range of up to 12km so you can pop to the nearest coffee shop or even commute to the office, and it has LED lights so you can do it in the dark and collision avoidance sensors so you don't crash into anything. There's even a towing hitch so you can pull a co-worker around with you.

In addition to the LED headlights there are also built-in party lights, which are ideal for adding a bit of joy to the office party, and there's even a small boot that you can use to store important documents or your secret Santa presents. 

The bad news is that if you fancy a go, you'll need to go to Norway: VW promises it'll be touring the chair to offer members of the public test drives, but it has no plans to do so outside Norway. So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to strap a pair of Pure Air electric scooters to my Herman Miller Mirra 2. Wheeeeeeeee!

Carrie Marshall

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