Pure Air review: the best all-round electric scooter?

The Pure Air is an entry-level electric scooter designed by a British brand, and could be the best electric scooter out there

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Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter review
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The Pure Air is probably the best all-round electric scooter you can buy. It's plenty quick enough, is sturdy, and it's very reasonably priced as well. There are a few intelligent design decisions, such as water resistance. It's not the outright 'ultimate' electric scooter out there, but it is more than enough for most people.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great price

  • +

    Water resistant design

  • +

    Large maximum load capacity

  • +

    Large wheel size

  • +

    Easy to maintain

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavier than rivals

  • -

    Not the slicked folding mechanism

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Shortly after Pure Electric released its range-topping Pure Air Pro electric scooter, the e-mobility brand followed up with a more affordable model – the Pure Air.

Pure Electric claims the Pure Air is "built for real life", and is designed to strike a balance between outstanding design and everyday usability in a great value package.

So, if you're looking an all-singing, all-dancing electric scooter then we'd recommend you read our Pure Air Pro review, but if you're after an e-scooter that is totally competent and won't break the bank, then the Pure Air could be just for you, especially as it borrows some clever tricks from its big brother.

As mentioned in the other review, what sets Pure Electric apart from other brands is that Pure is a British company and have built this e-scooter with "typical British and European weather conditions in mind". That essentially means it can be ridden in the rain, with IP65-rated water resistance, without breaking.

You can order the Pure Air now, with free delivery. We've been using a pre-production prototype for the last month, to see whether you should spend your cash on Pure's new electric scooter. Here is T3's official verdict…

Pure Air Pro electric scooter review: design

We're really impressed with the original design of the Pure Air. It's utilitarian and industrial, almost bicycle-like with flowing steel tubes. Whereas the Pure Air Pro is a clone of the Xiaomi M365, this is more original.

The Pure Air features a stem hinge which locks into place with a U-shaped bracket and screw-down cap. It's simple enough to use, but not the quickest solution out there.

Our pre-production model had an issue where the U-shaped bracket would get stuck in the stem, requiring a screwdriver to prize it out, but we've been reassured this issue has been fixed in the production models.

As we previously mentioned, the Pure Air has an IP65 water resistance rating. This is achieved by fully sealing the electronics inside the footplate and means it can be ridden in wet weather, which is essential if you're planning on using it in the UK or northern Europe in the winter.

Pure Air electric scooter review

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Being designed and created by a British brand, you'll also get superior build quality. It certainly feels like a sturdy, well-built piece of kit. 

It's constructed to safely carry a large 120kg maximum load. That's more than most scooters, and means it shouldn't have any troubles carrying you, and a heavy bag around town.

The deck is large with plenty of grip, which provides great stability and confidence when riding.

Of course, this extra engineering involved with waterproofing does come at a slight disadvantage, and that's weight. The Pure Air weights 16.5 kg (36 lbs), which is slightly heavier than its rivals. The Xiaomi M356 weights 12.5 kg (28 lbs), for example.

We also think the Pure Air happens to look really good, with a sleek design that's available in either matt Black or matt Grey.

Pure Air electric scooter review: performance

Despite being an entry-level model, the Pure Air is no slouch when it comes to performance. Power comes from a relatively small 250W rear-wheel-mounted motor, designed to deliver decent acceleration in urban environments.

The rear-mounted motor frees up the front wheel to deal with your steering inputs. 

We found it picks up speed well, and didn't feel breathless when it reached full speed. The small 250W motor can feel a little underpowered when going up steep hills, however.

Pure Air electric scooter specs

Max Speed: 15.5 mph
18.6 miles
16.5 kg
250 W
Water resistance: IP65-rated
10-inch, air-filled  w/puncture prevention fluid
Max Load:
120 kg
Removable battery:
Yes (tools required)
Speed settings:

Legally the top speed is limited to 15 mph – which feels plenty fast enough.

The throttle is really easy to control with your thumb, and is very responsive, allowing you to accurately modulate how fast you're going.

When it comes to stopping the Air Pro, simply squeeze anti-lock electronic brake. The single leaver brakes both wheels, making this e-scooter very easy to master – right hand to go, left hand to stop.

The Pure Air features large 10-inch air-filled tyres. This is a major advantage over the Xiaomi M365 which is fitted with 8.5-inch tyres. We've found the larger tyres provide a safer, more comfortable ride, and they're easier to removed and service.

Overall we were really impressed with how the Pure Air performed – especially considering its affordable price. It's plenty quick enough, capable, and comfortable, thanks to its large tyres.

Pure Air electric scooter review: other features

Pure Air electric scooter review

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

A display is integrated into the handlebar, allowing you to monitor speed, battery level, and speed setting. It's a pretty simple display, but is bright and very easy to read with a quick glance down.

The Pure Air also features integrated front and rear LED lights to help you see where you’re going in low light. These is turned on by default, as it also makes you more visible in traffic.

The wide and bright front beam enables you to ride your e-scooter at night with confidence, while the multifunction rear light means that others can see you more easily (this is further enhanced by side reflectors).

Just like the Pure Air Pro, the Pure Are has been designed so it's easy to maintain at home. 

Home mechanics should find the larger 10-inch tyres are easier to change and Pure has made sure the tyre valve is easily accessible, making them simple to inflate.

Of course, if you don't fancy maintaining it yourself you can take it into one of Pure Electric's high street stores. Should a part need replacing, then you won't have to wait for it to be shipped from China, as all parts will be stored in the UK.

There is no accompanying app for the Pure Air. This could be seen as a negative by some, but we've found that apps are more of a novelty. They're interesting at first, but after a while, we find ourselves using them less and less.

Pure Air electric scooter review

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Pure Air electric scooter review: verdict

The Pure Air may just be the best all-round electric scooter out there. Its performance and range are on par with most other electric scooters on the market, but build-quality, safety, comfort, and ease-of-maintenance are all class-leading which is very commendable, given its affordable price tag.

The highlight here is the guaranteed IP65 water resistance, which, if you're planning on using your e-scooter in all seasons in the UK, is a necessity. 

The Pure Air isn't perfect, however. The extra engineering involved in making it sturdy and water-resistant has resulted in an e-scooter that it is heavier than its rivals.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Pure Air isn't the 'ultimate' electric scooter on the market. It's not the fastest, and it doesn't have the longest range, but if you're looking for an affordable, safe, reliable e-scooter with decent performance, then the Pure Air may just be for you.

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