Upgrading to Google Pixel 7 Pro suddenly sounds massively more appealing

Buy Google Pixel 7 Pro and get Pixel Watch free offer rumored online by top tipster

Google Pixel Watch positioned next to Pixel Buds and Pixel 7 phone, all in black colourway
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Watch will be unveiled later this week, alongside the Pixel 7 Pro –potentially the best Android phone Google has ever made.

And, if the latest leak can be believed, if you buy the Pixel 7 Pro you can get the Pixel Watch for free. And if you don't need the Pro version, buying the standard Pixel 7 will net you a pair of Pixel Buds instead.

Those sound like pretty good deals to me, with Pixel Buds currently going for around $150/£150 and the Pixel Watch expected to come in at around $350/£350. And to qualify, all you'll need to do is order your phone during the pre-order period, which seems likely to be from 6 to 18 October.

Why these deals are worth doing for Google

Reports of the pre-order deals come via Roland Quandt, who believes that these deals will only be available in the UK – although that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't be offered elsewhere; Quandt's sources might just not know about them.

This wouldn't be the first time Google has offered generous incentives for Pixel pre-orders. In the UK, Pixel 6 pre-orders included a £300 set of Bose 700 headphones. But offering a brand new smartwatch is a whole different kind of deal, and it's likely that Google is doing it to get the Pixel Watch onto as many wrists as possible as quickly as possible.

The more people have Pixel Watches the more demand there is for developers to make apps for it; the more apps, the more attractive it becomes and the more Pixel Watches Google sells. That makes it a win/win for Pixel Pro buyers and for Google too.

We'll find out for sure at the official Google Pixel launch on 6 October, which of course we'll be covering live.

Carrie Marshall

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