This Tempur x Starfield gaming chair is fit for a space captain

Tempur teams up with Starfield to make the ultimate gaming chair using NASA-approved materials

Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair
(Image credit: Xbox)

Popular mattress brand, Tempur has teamed up with gaming company, Xbox to create a one-of-a-kind gaming chair: the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair. As collaborations go, this new partnership between Tempur and Starfield is pretty out there but is sure to become a must-have in any gamers set-up.

Long hours spent staring at a screen gaming isn’t the best for your back and neck pain, your eyesight or your posture. This is the main reason why the best gaming chairs were invented, to offer comfort, support and adjustments while you play your latest game.

With a gamer’s comfort in mind, Xbox and Tempur created the world’s first Dream Chair. The chair marks the launch of the most highly anticipated video game of 2023, Starfield, a role-playing adventure game that’s the first from Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years.

The Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair was originally debuted at Gamescom in Germany, the world’s largest gaming event ahead of the game’s release in early September. For the past couple weeks, it’s been on display in the Tempur store in Westfield, giving gamers the opportunity to try out the ultra comfortable gaming chair for themselves.

For those new to Tempur, it’s one of the best mattress brands on the market today and uses NASA-approved technology to make its sleep products. The material used in its Tempur mattress and other bedding essentials is based on NASA technology that was originally used to cushion pilots during test flying in the early 1960s.

Tempur scientists began experimenting with the foam material and after launching its first memory foam sleep products in the 1980s, the brand has been recognised and certified by NASA and the Space Foundation in 1988. Since then, Tempur mattresses have grown in popularity, and now, gamers are getting to experience that same comfort while they game.

The Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair is designed to transport gamers to the cockpit of their own spaceship and cushion the journey through the universe. Using Tempur’s soft, supportive and cushioning memory foam, the Dream Chair offers independent motion control with joysticks on each arm rests, allowing gamers to find the ideal position for gaming. The Dream Chair is fully accessible and pivots left and right for more control and immersion into the Starfield universe.

Designed and handcrafted by Nicholas Alexander, the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair has a ‘retro space punk’ aesthetic that further immerses users into gameplay. The full set-up is incredibly impressive and is the perfect combination of gaming and comfort.

During October 2023, the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair was on show in the UK and is set to head to Paris Games week in November. At the end of the year, Tempur and Xbox are running a charity raffle and giving the Starfield x Tempur Dream Chair to one lucky winner to create the ultimate gaming set-up.

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