We've found the perfect face mask... and it costs just £10

Wise protec masks promise to reduce viral and bacterial activity on contact, they're comfy, and they're in stock now

Wise protec face mask
(Image credit: Wise protec)

Who at the start of 2020 could have predicted that by the end of the year we'd all be looking for the best face masks? Yet here we are, and while most of us are by now adequately masked up, it's always exciting to find out about a mask that can offer better protection.

Enter the Wise protec face mask range, which promises to reduce 99.5% of Sars-Cov-2 after 30 minutes contact with the mask. They've been designed to be the safest, most comfortable and most sustainable masks available, and they won't cost you a fortune either.

These antiviral masks are the result of a combination of innovative technologies and molecular breakthroughs, and they coated with a special non-toxic ingredient that provides a defensive layer against viral and microbial activity, decreasing the chances of secondary infection. Here's how the technology works.

As well as reducing viral and bacterial activity on contact, the Wise protec masks also use a combination of high-grade filters and advanced moisture control technology to maximise breathability and comfort. They're non-toxic and skin safe as well as being washable and reusable; the company says that its antimicrobial technology remains effective for up to 50 washes. They're also 100% vegan and consist of three layers that together provide protection, safety and comfort.

There's a range of masks available, starting with the standard Anti-Viral Mask for £12, and three more advanced options at £25. You can get an Anti-Viral Skin Care Mask that's infused with vitamin E and Ubiquinol Q10 as well as a green tea scent, there's the Anti-Viral Breathe Better Mask impregnated with camphor and echinacea with a eucalyptus scent, and finally the Anti-Viral Stress Relief Mask, infused with 99.9% pure CBD, which should take the edge off those lockdown supermarket trips.

They're all available to order now direct from the Wise protec store; you can also save on the standard Anti-Viral mask by ordering from John Lewis, where it's on sale now for just £10. Kids' masks are also available for £12 in a range of colours, and if you fancy something festive there's an Anti-Viral Christmas mask for £19.99.

Jim McCauley

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