This jet-black PS5 DualSense design should have Xbox Series X worried

A more traditional-looking black PS5 console looks the business in new design

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The PS5 is coming, but we don't know what it's going to look like. We know the DualSense controller (at least, the two-tone white-and-gray version we were introduced to) is going to look sweet, with a curved new ergonomic design and stacks of advanced tech inside it.

We also know a great deal about the PS5's inner workings, thanks to a developer-orientated presentation by lead system architect Mark Cerny. With 8K graphics, high framerates, incredible audio and level design made possibly by enormous memory  it's whetted our appetites for a full reveal. 

While we wait for the aforementioned full reveal, we're scouring the internet for designs likely to match the finished product. This one, for example, from Dutch news outlet LetsGoDigital, takes the two-tone design for the PS5 DualSense and casts it in jet black, the colour most often seen on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. 

The design takes a huge amount of inspiration from the PS4. The flat, rectangular shape with soft, curved corners and the "stack" aesthetic is very reminiscent of Sony's most recent console. However, one key difference is the tilted shape on the topmost layer, allowing the console to stand upright with more stability. 

The edge of this layer is illuminated with an LED, mirroring the power lines on the DualSense controller. The DualSense itself has ditched the two-tone nature of the design for a jet-black aesthetic that matches the console. Check out the designs below:

Will the PS5 look like this in its final reveal? It's a distinct possibility. We're likely to see a two-tone PS5 in its "base" configuration with some limited edition all-black PS5s, just like we get limited white PS4s today. 

We also love the all-black DualSense. We've seen lots of renders of the controller online featuring alternate colour schemes (see below for one of our favourites) but the all-black is the closest match to Sony's existing DualShock 4 we've seen. It makes the controller feel real. 

However, the tilted design is a new one, and not something we've seen confirmed by any of the leaks so far. It's definitely a cool configuration, but we'll have to wait and see whether anything like it arrives in the finished product.


(Image credit: praytstationbattleroy)

What else do we know about the PS5's external look? For starters, very little, although we believe it's going to adapt part of that distinctive "v" shape we saw in the development kits. An icon found in an early version of the PlayStation's UI also carried the "V", which of course is the roman numeral five. Tinfoil hats on, everyone...

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