PS5 icon leak shows radical new PlayStation 5 design

The icon briefly appeared on the Japanese website before being removed

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Sony has yet to officially unveil its next gen console but it may have just tipped off fans as to what the final product will look like. The first hint we got of what the PlayStation 5 might look like was a patent last summer that showed off a design that's a world away from the aesthetic of the PS4.  

Rather than the bog standard rectangle, it's all fins and grooves, and has a touch of a sci-fi feel to it. The patent was rumoured to be for the dev kits, which we saw in the wild when photos of the machines sporting that iconic V-shape were shared on reddit.  We still don't know what to expect from the final design; it may be something simple and sleek, like Microsoft's Xbox Series X, or look closer to the beast of a dev kit we've seen, but a clue has reportedly leaked from official sources that may have just tipped us all off. 

PS5 icon official Japanese website

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The above image was posted to reddit and shows the Japanese PlayStation website displaying a PS5 icon at the top with the V-design of the dev kits. The OP claims that they were able to snap a picture before the site was updated and the icon removed, so was this a genuine - but very brief - leak, or is it a fake? 

There are definitely a few reasons to be suspicious, with the first being the odd choice to record the moment by taking a photo of the monitor, rather than a screenshot of the actual website. 

The second reason is that no one else seems to have spotted this icon on the site. A blunder this big would be spreading across social media like wildfire, with multiple sources, but this appears to be the only instance recorded.

And finally, the archived version of the Japanese site from the day this was allegedly spotted shows no signs of it. So this would have had to have been live for an incredibly short spate of time to be seen by just a single person and for it not to exist as an archived page. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, a video was doing the rounds of the upcoming console's boot up sequence that the uploader quickly admitted was fake.

As we get closer to Sony's PS5 reveal, set for later this month, there are bound to be iffy claims coming to light surrounding the console, especially because there's still so much we don' know. Be sure You can stay up to date with all of the fact surrounding the PS5 right here at T3

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