HOT PS5 news: images of real PlayStation 5 console and DualShock 5 leaked!

The early PS5 development kits and controllers have been seen in the wild

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The PS5 is a bit like Area 51: We're sure it exists in the real world, but although rumours and a few grainy photos have been circulated around the internet, we've seen little conclusive proof. Some developers have admitted to already having their hands on development kits, and others have announced that they are hard at work on PS5 games, but we've seen nothing official so far. 

While this is not an official unveiling by Sony, Reddit user praystationbattleroy posted an image of two consoles with the title "Random Picture of Two PS5 Dev kits". The kits, seen below side-by-side, closely match the previous leaked image by ZoneOfTech and those renderings we've seeing all over the net, based on Sony patents and leaks by Dutch outlet LetsGoDigital. The twin raised portions of the console even make that distinctive "V" shape, which could be a nod to the console's number: five, as in Roman numeral V.

Sony PS5 devkits

(Image credit: praytstationbattleroy)

What's even more intriguing is that these kits may also offer us a first look at the new controller, aka the much rumoured DualShock 5. One Reddit commenter states: 

"Yeah, the touchpad looks flat, unlike the curved touchpad on the DS4 [Dualshock 4]. Which matches the patent." 

Other details include the buttons, with no classic square-circle-x-triangle labellings, suggesting this is a controller very much in active development. It's a little grainy, but here it is in more detail: 

DualShock 5

(Image credit: praystationbattleray)

We're expecting the actual PS5 to look a little more refined than these ungainly dev kits. Nevertheless, the future of gaming is here, and unlike Area 51, we were able to obtain real proof without arranging for the internet to storm Sony's headquarters. We'll have more PS5 news, leaks and rumours as they happen, as we inch closer to that mysterious 2020 announcement date. 

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