PS5 – and maybe Xbox Scarlett – is being sent out to games developers

At least one major studio has announced they've got the kit

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PlayStation 5 exists, and it’s coming soon. That’s the message we’re getting, as renders, specs and leaks have begun to flow in earnest ahead of its rough holiday 2020 release date. However, while gamers have to wait another year to get their hands on the device, it’s been confirmed that some games developers have already got hold of them. Or, at least, the development kits. 

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 As reported by gaming site Push Square, an employee of Techland Studios and a lead designer on the upcoming game Dying Light 2 said “Of course we have the next-generation consoles in our studios, and of course we have a plan for them, and I think that’s the most I can say.”

We’re willing to bet Techland Studios isn’t the only developer with their hands on the PS5 dev kits. While we’re dead jealous of the development teams that already get to see what the new hardware is capable of, it’s interesting to note the developer said “consoles”. Plural.


Although the developer was only asked about the PS5, the mention of multiple dev kits means that PS5 competitor Microsoft, and its Xbox Project Scarlett, is likely circulating its own dev kits. Nintendo, which has only recently released its Nintendo Switch Lite, is unlikely to be preparing a full Switch 2 release anytime soon. 

Could those leaked images of real-world PS5s be the dev kits developers have received? Time – and inevitable future leaks between now and the 2020 launch dates – will tell.  

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