Xbox Series X: Cheaper XBOX SERIES S set to strike a blow to PS5

New info adds weight to old rumours the Xbox Series X would launch with a cheaper console

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Remember way back in 2019, when the name "Xbox Series X" was just a glimmer in a Microsoft marketing guru's eye? It was a simpler time, when gamers were guessing about the mysterious codename Xbox Project Scarlett, and we were allowed to go to the pub without fear of an infectious disease.  

Well, when Project Scarlett (which became Xbox Series X) was first announced, it was rumoured it would arrive with another console, Project Lockhart. The word in the gaming community was Lockhart would be an entry-level version of Scarlett, similar to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

According to Microsoft news outlet WindowsCentral, we’re due a big online launch in May: however, it won’t be a further reveal of the Xbox Series X. Rather, it’s set to be an unveiling of Project Lockhart, which some around the net are calling the Xbox Series S. 

Just like Xbox One S was the cheaper version of Xbox One X, it makes sense for Microsoft to follow the same naming convention, with “S” being a lower-spec entry-level console and “X” being the top-tier premium model. It’s an educated guess at the name, but a very likely one. 

Xbox Series S

(Image credit: u/jiveduder)

We’ve also got a fantastic render of the console above, courtesy of redditor /u/jiveduder. The Xbox Series S looks set to be a compact console, following the same look as the Series X but replacing the tower shape with a cube. It’s cute: it’s almost like a spiritual successor to the massively popular Nintendo Gamecube. It would be unobtrusive in the living room and, if the price is low enough, a big hit with families. 

Although the leak suggests an “early May” reveal, no official word has yet been revealed. We’ll know for sure if the leak is accurate closer to the time, when the rumoured Project Lockhart reveal begins to gather pace. 

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