This is what AirTag tracking protections will look like on Android phones

Apple and Google have come together to protect against using smart trackers for illicit behaviour

Apple AirTags render
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Smart trackers can be really useful. Popular choices like the Apple AirTag can be attached to non-smart items like backpacks, keys or luggage, to give them a digital location. Users can then use apps like Find My on iPhone to locate them if they go missing.

Sadly, the technology has a dark side. Some individuals use the technology to track people. This has led to lawsuits being raised in the USA, with claims that Apple hasn't done enough to prevent stalkers from using the device.

Steps have been taken, though. Devices will now raise an alert if a device that isn't recognised is following you. Apple and Google have even pulled together recently, to ensure that kind of alert happens regardless of which operating system your phone uses. That means Android phones will be able to identify an AirTag and vice versa.

Now, we can see how that will appear on device. Screenshots have been shared by popular tech tipster, Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. A notification appears in the notification centre, informing you that an unknown tracker has been identified.

When you click on it, you'll see the model of tracking device, as well as when it was first detected. A button will appear enabling you to play a sound on the device to help you locate it. That won't notify the owner, either.

It then gives a list of information about what to do next. That includes steps for how to disable the tracker, and tips for recording the information the tracker has recorded.

Users can even complete a Manual Scan, to search for devices around them at any time. That will alert you to any trackers that are near you and aren't in the vicinity of their owner. 

That's a really handy feature. It should give users added peace of mind, allowing them to check at any time to make sure they're not being traced by an unwanted device.

There's no guaranteed date for the new feature to launch. Given that Android 14 and iOS 17 are both slated to launch this autumn, though, it's feasible to expect it as part of those updates. 

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