This is the Apple iPhone 12 news we didn't want to hear

The Apple iPhone 12 news we didn't want to hear just slipped out

Apple iPhone 12
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The Apple iPhone 12 has, for many months, promised to be one of the absolute best phones of 2020, with a series of leaks revealing just how special the handset it set to be.

It is a smartphone package that will deliver a blazing fast 5G data connection, a hyper-rapid Apple A14 Bionic system on a chip (SoC), an advanced 3D camera system, and some truly revolutionary new software features. Simply put, the Apple iPhone 12 looks like a phone enthusiast's dream device.

All of which is why the latest bombshell news about the iPhone 12's launch and availability is just so disappointing. 

That's because, as reported by respected U.S. news publication Bloomberg, Broadcom Inc, who is a major supplier to Apple, has suggested that the new iPhone 12 range of devices will be delayed this year and launch later than usual.

The Bloomberg report states that:

"Hock Tan, chief executive officer of Broadcom, discussed a 'major product cycle delay' at a 'large North American mobile phone' customer, during an earnings conference call with analysts on Thursday."

And that "Apple is planning to release its next iPhone line multiple weeks later than usual".

Now, typically, Apple releases the new versions of its iPhone in September, but this latest development now seems to all but confirm that we won't see the iPhone 12 in that month.

As to when the iPhone 12 will release, one of the most recent rumours has suggested that the new iPhone will launch in November, with the details originating from investment bank Cowen.

This sort of two-month delay sounds realistic to us here at T3, and works for Apple in terms of getting the phone out in time for the winter holiday trading rush.

All that said, though, this delay will not be welcomed by Apple fans, who have been desperately waiting it out for the American phone maker's first 5G phone. Rival Android devices have had next-gen 5G data connections for over 12 months now, so the prospect of having to wait even longer will no doubt be disappointing.

Also, with early leaks for the Apple iPhone 13 already hitting the net, and showing that next year's iPhone looks set to come with a camera system that outstrips the iPhone 12, many iPhone users might look at the delay and wonder if it wouldn't be better to wait for next year's phone, considering it would be less than a year away if the iPhone 12 does launch in November.

A delayed Apple iPhone 12 launch also sees it have to square up directly to both the new Google Pixel 5 and Huawei Mate 40 ranges, which are currently slated for release in October this year.

Hopefully we will get an official confirmation from Apple about when we can expect the official iPhone 12 launch to take place, as T3 for one is desperate to go hands-on with the phone predicted to generate a supercycle of phone upgrades within the iPhone user market.

What will the Apple iPhone 12 look like? This concept design shows what the 5.4-inch variant is thought to look like:

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