iPhone 13 leak reveals how Apple intends to counter-attack Samsung Galaxy S21

An established Apple leaker has just unveiled some very interesting iPhone 13 info

Apple new iPhone 13 Samsung Galaxy S21
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First we heard about how the Apple iPhone 12 is going to come rocking a super smart new camera system with LiDAR sensor, and then we heard about how the Samsung Galaxy S21 intended to combat this with a next-gen 150MP camera sensor.

And now, just when we thought the dust was settling on next-gen phone leaks for a spell, comes the news via respected Apple website Macrumors that Apple iPhone 13 details have just broken cover. Yes, you read that right... the iPhone 13, the handset that will be released late in 2021.

The info dump comes from a leaker who, to quote the authoritative Macrumors, "sometimes shares information on upcoming Apple devices", and it is all to do with the iPhone 13's camera system.

According to the leaker, who goes by the alias Fudge (@choco_bit), the iPhone 13 is going to come with the following camera setup:

A 64MP wide-angle camera with 1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom.

A 40MP telephoto camera with 3x-5x optical zoom and 15x-20x digital zoom.

A 64MP anamorphic lens (2.1:1).

A 0.25x min zoom ultra-wide 40MP optical reverse zoom camera.

And a LiDAR 4.0 sensor.

Fudge also proceeded to post a line drawing showing the layout of the iPhone 13's rear camera array, showing the quad-cam setup with LiDAR sensor.

Now, Fudge himself is very clear in his leak that all the information here should be taken with a "Huuuuugggeeeee amount of 🧂", and also is very careful to say these are "alleged" plans, meaning that if this information is accurate, then it is probably from one of numerous options currently being explored by the American phone maker.

That said, if the information is true (or even partially true), then we've just got our first idea of just what sort of camera credentials the iPhone 13 is going to sport, and it is seems safe to say now that they look far in advance of what is delivered on the current iPhone 11, and even the incoming iPhone 12.

After all, even the range-topping Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes only with a three camera system, and all of those only sport 12MP sensors. Meanwhile, the high-end iPhone 12 models are rumoured to come with another triple camera setup, but this time with a new time-of-flight 3D sensor. One of the camera's has been rumoured to be coming with a 64MP sensor, though.

However, in the leaked information we have an iPhone 13 rocking a quad-camera system, and one that delivers not one but two 64MP sensors, as well as a brace of 40MP sensors, too. And that is saying nothing of a next-gen LiDAR 4.0 system, either. 

Simply put, this iPhone 13 camera system puts both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 in the shade. And it looks like a camera system that, on paper at least, would have the chops to stand up to next-year's fierce Android phone rivals, counter-attacking them late in 2021.

Hopefully this leak proves true, as that way we can all look forward to the iPhone 13 coming with a truly special camera system, and one that can go toe-to-toe with the absolute camera weapon set to be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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