This Hisense 100-inch laser TV projector Black Friday deal is perfect for football fans

Bring home this big screen deal, and enjoy the football from your sofa in style

Hisense laser projector
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Watching sport at home is fine but it's never the same as watching it live. That is unless you have a giant screen. Watching football on a giant screen gives you so much more atmosphere. Sure, you can buy a regular projector and a screen a fix it up at home for those special matches and get your friends round. But imagine having that size screen for everything, all the time. 

Even the best projectors aren't suited for everyday use, as you need to find a permanent spot to house it, and constantly avoid standing in the way of the projection. However, a short-throw laser projector can be set up and used in much the same way as a regular TV. Plus, it produces a picture to match even the best TVs

The Hisense laser TV projector can be positioned less than 30cm away from your wall and comes with its own screen that can be permanently mounted on that wall, in place of your TV. It means that the system is always ready to go, and can be used for all of your watching needs. 

The 100-inch model is currently discounted by £1000, taking the price down to £1999. That makes it cheaper than most 70-inch+ TVs on the market (though this Sony 75-inch is a great deal). You can also go even bigger with the 120-inch model, which is now down to £2249. An extra £250 for another 20 inches of screen size is a fair trade-off, so if you've got the space, it's worth it. 

When it comes to watching this year's fixtures from Qatar, I'd always opt to watch it on the biggest screen possible. With the Hisense laser projector at home, you really can.

was £2999, now £1999 on Amazon

Hisense 100-inch Laser Projector was £2999, now £1999 on Amazon
A great 4K short-throw laser projector complete with a soft screen for optimum picture quality. 

was £2499, now £2249 on Amazon

Hisense 120-inch Laser Projector was £2499, now £2249 on Amazon
This larger model increases the size by 20 inches for just another £250.  

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