This awesome TalkTalk broadband deal with £65 Amazon voucher ends today

Sign up for TalkTalk's £17 broadband today and get a tasty little gift voucher perk

talktalk cheap broadband deal

TalkTalk sure knows how to persuade people to sign up for its broadband deals. For starters, it's super-cheap with prices starting from a mere £17 per month. Then there's the fact that you don't have to pay a penny upfront. And now there's the small matter of a £65 gift voucher to sweeten the deal further. Tremendous!

The £65 voucher is available only with TalkTalk's cheapest standard broadband plan, and is available to spend at Amazon, Argos, John Lewis or Tesco (the choice is yours). All you have to do is make sure that you sign up via this link – as you won't find this offer on TalkTalk's website – and before midnight tonight.

We have more details on the deal below, and a little information about how to claim your gift card.

TalkTalk's teriffic cheap broadband deal

TalkTalk Unlimited Fast broadband | 12 months | 11Mb avg. speed | Line rental incl. | FREE upfront | £17 per month
£17 a month is about as cheap as broadband deals come in 2018, and you won't have to deal with any price hikes during the term either, as TalkTalk guarantees the low introductory price for the entire year. And the £65 voucher brings the effective monthly price down around £11.50 a month, which is frankly rather staggering!

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How do I claim my gift voucher

Click the TalkTalk broadband offer link and you'll be taken through to a site called Giftcloud. Type in your email address, click 'Get Reward' and then 'Get Started'. From there, you'll be directed to the main TalkTalk landing page where you complete your broadband purchase as normal.

Once your phone line has been connected, TalkTalk says that it will validate the sale and you'll receive a ‘voucher claim’ email. That will have the final instructions on getting your hands on your voucher, where you can make the choice between, Argos, John Lewis (in store or online) or Tesco.