These are the best Cyber Monday YETI deals right now

Save cash on these distinctive mugs and coolers this Cyber Monday with up to 31% off

YETI Cyber Monday deals
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YETI products are known for their bold colors, unique design and excellent cooling. Today's best Yeti coolers include everything from excellent all-rounders (see our Yeti Tundra 35 review) to more compact options for road trips (check out our Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler review), to cooling water dispensers (see our Yeti Silo 6G water cooler review). Yeti gear is in demand, but it comes at a price. 

Calling it reassuringly expensive is an understatement but they really are worth the investment. That's why finding YETI products discounted is a very good thing. Black Friday may be over but there are still some deals on YETI products for Cyber Monday. 

Not only do these insulated items make great outdoor accessories for your next camping trip or tailgate, they also make for excellent gifts for the holidays. I know I'd never be disappointed receiving something with that logo on – from the stylish Boomer dog bowl to the Hopper Portable Cooler

While not all YETI products are on sale right now, these are some of the best deals we've found online. Don't forget to check out our Cyber Monday deals hub for all the best prices right now. 

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Best Cyber Monday YETI deals right now

YETI Tundra 45 cooler:  was $437, now $299.98 at Amazon

YETI Tundra 45 cooler: was $437, now $299.98 at Amazon
Save $137 (31%) on this 45-quart cooler. It features up to 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation to keep ice from melting and can hold up to 26 cans of your favorite beverage. It comes in a wide range of colors but only the white and Desert Tan models are discounted right now.

YETI Rambler 14oz mug:  was $39.78, now $29.98 at Amazon

YETI Rambler 14oz mug: was $39.78, now $29.98 at Amazon
Save $9.80 (25%) on this 14oz mug. It's vacuum insulated, so it will keep your cold beverages icy cold, or your coffee nice and hot for hours. The lid seals with magnets too for easy opening and closing. Discounts are available on a whole range of colors, from this aquifer blue to harvest red.

YETI Rambler 30oz tumbler:  was $37.65, now $34.98 at Amazon

YETI Rambler 30oz tumbler: was $37.65, now $34.98 at Amazon
Save $2.67 (7%) on the 30oz tumbler. While it's not a huge saving on this larger 30oz version, prices for other colors can be over $60, so actually, it's a pretty good deal. This is ideal for bigger drinks or taking on the road. Discount is currently on five colors, including the beige sharptail taupe and highlands olive.

YETI Rambler 26oz bottle:  was $44.04, now $39.98 at Amazon

YETI Rambler 26oz bottle: was $44.04, now $39.98 at Amazon
Save $4.06 (9%) on this 26oz bottle in white or highlands olive. This medium-sized bottle features a chug cap, making it easier to drink from on the move, while the double-wall insulation ensures the contents stays cold or warm.

YETI Molle Zinger tool:  was $33, now $29.98 at Amazon

YETI Molle Zinger tool: was $33, now $29.98 at Amazon
If your beverages are chilling in your YETI cooler, you don't want to have to open them with any regular ol' bottle opener. This handy retractable tool attaches to your YETI Hopper and has a retractable opener to knock those caps off in style. While it's only a small saving of $3 here, every little helps.

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