There's a limited edition Death Stranding Backbone One coming for iPhone 15 Pro

Released to tie in with the new iOS version of the game

Backbone One Death Stranding Edition
(Image credit: Hideo Kojima)

We already knew that Death Stranding: Director's Cut will be released on iOS, iPadOS and Mac tomorrow – on 30 January 2024 – but now we've learned that there will be a limited edition Backbone One controller to play it on, too.

Kojima Productions, the studio behind the game, posted pictures of the new version of the device on its X (formerly Twitter) feed and it seems it too will be released on Tuesday.

The game only runs on iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models, which suits the USB-C connection on the special edition control unit down to the ground.

It is made from see-though yellow plastic, which is clearly based on the BB Pod Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) carries around with him as he travels post-apocalyptic America. There are also themed decals and the game's logo is stamped on the rear.

The Kojima Productions logo can also be found on the central plate when the iPhone is removed.

We don't know an awful lot more about the Death Stranding Backbone One Limited Edition as yet, and it's not yet listed on the Kojima Productions retail page linked in the X post. However, bar the aesthetics, we suspect it's the same as the existing USB-C version, which works with iPhone 15 models and Android handsets.

That costs £99.99 and can also be used with other controller-supporting games, plus cloud gaming services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Backbone One Death Stranding Edition

(Image credit: Hideo Kojima)

There is one extra thing with the Death Stranding edition though – you also get a download code for a copy of the game. And, as it is cross-platform, you can also play it on any Mac or iPad featuring Apple Silicon inside.

The game will cost £34.99 / $34.99 when it too releases tomorrow. But if you don't need the special Backbone One and want to nab it for less, the Apple App Store is currently offering the ambitious, AAA action-adventure for £19.99 / $19.99 if you pre-order it today.

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