Death Stranding coming to iPhone and iPad next week, can your device run it?

One of the most ambitious games in recent memory will soon be available on iOS, iPadOS and Mac

Death Stranding: Director's Cut
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

If you need further proof that mobile gaming is really growing up, here it is. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding: Director's Cut is heading to iPhone, iPad and Mac next week.

Originally released for the PlayStation 4, and thought to be something of a technical marvel then, the Director's Cut was then built for the PS5, with plenty of additions and tweaks. Now it's remarkably going to run on mobile devices, with the game hitting the Apple App Store from Tuesday 30 January.

The entire game, as appeared on console and PC, will be playable although there are some caveats to running it – it won't work on all iPhones, iPads or Macs. In fact, the compatibility list is rather slender.

You will need to have an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, or an iPad or Mac that runs Apple Silicon (M1, M2 or M3). Earlier devices, such as the iPhone 14 range and below, cannot run Death Stranding, nor can Intel-based MacBooks.

If you do have a supported device, the game will be available for £34.99 / $34.99, although you can pre-order it and get up to 50% off. You only have a few days to do so, however.

It's also worth noting that if you own more than one compatible Apple device, you only have to buy one copy and it will play on multiple platforms.

What is Death Stranding?

With stunningly realistic graphics, Death Stranding is a strange and surreal action-adventure game. It stars Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as Sam "Porter" Bridges, a courier of the future who has to deliver packages across a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Things are not always as they seem though, and Sam soon finds himself embroiled in a mission to save humanity.

On top of all of this, the landscape is roamed by creatures that have appeared from the afterlife, who are each capable of draining his lifeforce. There are plenty of panic-inducing moments, that's for sure.

It's true AAA stuff and a huge feat to get it onto mobile. Let's hope there's more blockbuster titles of this ilk planned for the future.

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