The SecretLab Titan EVO gaming chair is the ultimate Christmas gift for PC gamers

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for a PC gamer then the SecretLab Titan EVO gaming chair is my top pick

SecretLab Titan EVO gaming chair Christmas gifts
(Image credit: SecretLab)

If you want to know why you should buy this gaming chair as a Christmas gift this year simply go and read my SecretLab Titan EVO review now. I was blown away by this gaming chair and spent no time putting it top of T3's best gaming chair buying guide.

Over the past year I've used the SecretLab Titan EVO 2022 for gaming (such as playing Cyberpunk 2077 for more than 100 hours!), working, and for just chilling out on and streaming content on Disney+ and Netflix.

In my opinion the Titan EVO looks great, feels great and even smells great, too, and if you ask me I think basically any gamer would feel the same. That's why I recommend it as my number one Christmas gift for PC gamers this year.

I've sat in a lot of gaming chairs and the difference with SecreLab isn't anything magical, it's that the firm was set up with just one goal in mind, to produce bespoke, quality gaming chairs for gamers. As such, unlike many other gaming chair brands who just buy in general chair components from other companies, assemble them and then just add a thin veneer of branding on top, SecretLab gaming chairs are built from the ground up by SecretLab.

There's a ridiculous attention to detail on SecretLab gaming chairs, too. Everything is thought out and refined to a crazy level. The Titan EVO shows just how innovative SecretLab is, too, with things like its magnetic head pillow and arm rests joyously simple solutions to problems that basically every other gaming chair suffers from.

Why should you have ugly straps holding your head pillow onto your gaming chair, thereby ruining its aesthetic? Exactly. This is the thinking that has led SecretLab to be the world's number one gaming chair brand.

The range of upholstery types and finishes is also simply second to none at SecretLab, meaning that I can guarantee there will be a finish that appeals to you, special edition or otherwise.

Seriously, think about how much you use a gaming chair throughout the year as a PC gamer. You do so every time you game and, as such, a gaming chair should be right at the top of your list of accessories to buy when building a gaming setup.

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