The North Face's latest trail running collection is for those who dare to push their limits

Every gram shaved is a second saved

The North Face launch their latest Summit Series Trail Running collection
(Image credit: The North Face/Mathis Dumas)

Runners are a strange breed. They won't shy away from optimising their kit, even if it means buying multiple pairs of socks just because one offers more ankle support on race days while the other is better for cushioning for recovery runs. The North Face's latest Summit Series Trail Running Collection for this lot; the tinkers who are happy to sacrifice it all to shave off a few seconds over 100 miles.

Created hand-in-hand with TNF athletes, the launch of the new Summit Series coincides with the beginning – or more like, in the run-up – of the UTMB, regarded as one of the most difficult running races in the world due to the total elevation gain of around 10,040 metres (32,940 ft) over the 100-mile race distance. In that environment, every gram of gear you must carry matters.

The North Face launch their latest Summit Series Trail Running collection

(Image credit: The North Face/Mathis Dumas)

The Summit Series Trail Running collection includes the new colourway of Summit Vectiv Pro (read our The North Face Summit Vectiv Pro review), providing dynamic stability, cushioned comfort and responsibility. Featuring a winged carbon footplate to stabilise your foot on loose surfaces, the Vectiv Pro has lightweight cushioning that balances shock absorption with rapid rebound for speed and comfort over long distances.

Another key product is the Summit Superior Futurelight Jacket with the FUTURELIGHT membrane, offering optimal breathability and packability. The seam-sealed, fully waterproof 3L shell ensures you're storm ready all the time. Finally, the sweat-wicking Summit Altimetro ¾ Zip Top with its double-knit DotKnit fabric provides cold comfort and dynamic ventilation.

The new Summit Series Trail Running collection is available to buy from today at The North Face. For more info on gear that could help you move quickly outdoors, check out T3's best trail running shoes and best waterproof jacket guides.

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