The North Face reaches new heights with the latest NSE Collection

TNF's new NSE drop takes inspiration from the Summit Series, reinvented for the next generation of explorers

The North Face launches latest NSE collection based on the Summit Series
(Image credit: The North Face)

There are only a few things in life you can count on to be punctual. These include the NSE Collections from The North Face, which arrive without fail at the beginning of each season. The latest NSE drop is an exciting one as it buds on the heritage of TNF's mountaineering kit from the early 2000s.

As the brand explains, "inspired by the evolution of technology in an ever-changing world," this season’s NSE Collection from The North Face "looks to the future, building on innovation whilst paying homage to history in the outdoors." The inspirational collection in question is the Summit Series, which was designed by The North Face for the pinnacle of exploration and mountaineering.

The North Face enlisted London based photographer and co-founder of Orienteer Mapazine, Rory Griffin to help them bring the project to life. With the help of Orienteer Studio, they created a mixed media project in collaboration with New Format to "capture the feeling that exploration is a mindset, an approach and a way of experiencing the world."

The North Face launches latest NSE collection based on the Summit Series

(Image credit: The North Face)

The latest collection follows the success of previous NSE launches, including the one created in collaboration with London-based artist Kam-Bu, and March's drop inspired by the all-night hedonism of the early 2000s.Standout pieces include the Transvers Jacket which are complimented by the Base Camp Tote Bag and Fleeski Bucket Hat and the VECTIV Taraval Tech.

The collection is available to purchase from 24 August 2023 at The North Face and in select The North Face stores. To read more about The North Face gear, check out our The North Face Summit Vectiv Pro review, The North Face Trail Lite 2-Person Tent review, and The North Face Trail Lite Backpack review.

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