The new GoPro Hero 8 has already been price-slashed by Amazon in time for Christmas

The GoPro 8 is relatively new to the market, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from dropping its prices

GoPro Hero 8
(Image credit: Amazon)

The team at GoPro had to put some proper thought into the GoPro Hero 8  —  after the success of the GoPro 7, the upgrades had to be good. And we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. While Black Friday weekend may be over, that hasn't stopped Amazon already knocking a £50 chunk off the price, bringing it down to £329.00, the camera's lowest price to date. Check out the deal in full below:

GoPro Hero 8 Black | was £379.99 | now £329.00 from Amazon
Capture everything in more detail, whether you're surfing, skiing, skateboarding, hiking, mountain-biking or... well, whatever else you can think of. The waterproof camera records (and streams live) in 4K detail, with Hypersmooth stabilisation technology and shock absorbant in-built mount making for clean, clear footage of even the bumpiest rides. A must-have for adventurers.

If we were to list all of the reasons to buy the GoPro Hero 8, we’d be here all day. Let’s just say that GoPro has really upped it when it comes to features, with eight new reasons to choose the GoPro over any other action camera. 

Among the new features, you have things like newly improved HyperSmooth stabilisation across all frame rates (say goodbye to shaky footage, even in slow motion). You’ve also got TimeWarp, which will help you to create the smoothest frame footage, whether you’re shooting in high speed or low speed. Then there’s even a video mode that allows you to stream HD footage straight to Facebook or Instagram. 

And it’s not just the GoPro camera technology that’s seen some work. The GoPro Hero 8 also offers double the shock absorbency, an in-built mount, a front-facing mic, and it charges in just three hours  —  no panicking if you forget to plug it in overnight! 

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With all these improvements, the GoPro Hero 8 comes in at a hefty price. But if you’re hankering for one for your next adventure holiday, or you're looking for an older model, buy one now with these GoPro deals for December.