Surprise Black Friday GoPro HERO 10 deal is the best action cam price drop around

Black Friday GoPro deal gets you the newest HERO action cam at a major discount

GoPro HERO 10 Black with Black Friday deals flag
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GoPro is the undisputed king of the action camera world. For capturing adventure sports or outdoor excursions, you won't find a more capable cam. But that level of build quality and range of features comes at a price, which is why many of you will be keeping an eye out for a cheap GoPro deal amongst this year's best Black Friday deals. We weren't expecting there to be any major offers on the newest flagship in the range – the HERO 10 Black – but GoPro has surprised us.

Right now, there are two excellent deals on the GoPro HERO 10 Black. Both offers are on the cam-plus-GoPro subscription price, which is by far the cheapest way to get hold of the current lineup. If you just want the camera, you can get it for GBP £329.98 / USD $349.98 (usually £379.98 / $399). Perhaps a smarter way to save is to pay an extra £50 / $50 and opt for the camera + accessories bundle, which adds in a magnetic swivel clip, camera case, shorty grip/tripod, spare battery and 32GB SD card. 

Either way, you're getting the very latest model, and has a powerful GP2 chipset that means it's speedier and smoother than ever. It's the best action camera around, bar none. Head to our GoPro HERO 10 Black review to find out more. 

UK: GoPro HERO 10 Black: was £379.98, now £329.98 at GoPro (save £50)

UK: GoPro HERO 10 Black: was £379.98, now £329.98 at GoPro (save £50)
The HERO 10 Black is the latest and greatest GoPro, with a new chipset that means its speedier and smoother than any other in the range. There's also a front-facing preview screen for self-taping, a water-resistant lens, and big bumps to resolution and framerate.

US: GoPro HERO 10 Black: was $399, now $349.98 at GoPro (save $50)

US: GoPro HERO 10 Black: was $399, now $349.98 at GoPro (save $50)
Shoppers in the US can also take advantage of this offer. The HERO 10 Black is the newest flagship GoPro, released this fall. The GP2 chipset that means it'll blast through whatever you throw at it, while vloggers will love the front-facing preview screen, and watersports fans will appreciate the new water-resistant lens.

The GoPro HERO 10 Black is quite simply an outstanding camera. It's got the same enormously robust build you'd expect from GoPro, but it'll also help you capture top-quality footage and imagery. The GP2 chip will power through any  task you set it, and both video and still quality have been significantly boosted. Video now tops out at a huge 5.3K, 60FPS, 4K at a blistering 120FPS, and 2.7K/240p, and stills are cranked up to 23MP. 

To get the deal, you'll need to sign up for a GoPro subscription, which gets you unlimited cloud backup and useful features such as auto-uploads when you plug your camera in to charge. For more on what a subscription gets you, head to our Is a GoPro subscription worth it? article. Even at regular prices, it's by far the cheapest way to buy a HERO 10 Black. 

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