T3 Awards 2020: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is the best 5G phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G wins T3's much-desired Best 5G Phone Award – sponsored by ExpressVPN

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G T3 Awards 2020 Best 5G Phone
(Image credit: Samsung)

5G is not just the future of mobile phone connections but here, in 2020, it is increasingly becoming the present, with more places around the world getting hooked up for 5G every single single week.

The speed increase and latency decrease that 5G delivers is a true game-changer for businesses, individuals and emergency services, among many others institutions, and it promises to enrich and better lives like very few other technologies are capable of.

Which is why T3 has been reporting on 5G and the best 5G phones for over half a decade now. We've been charting the development and roll-out of the new tech in detail and now, in 2020, it really has gone mainstream, with a series of consumer products allowing people to experience the power of 5G.

Over the past year we saw a wide-variety of consumer smartphones hit the market, and from those our T3 Awards 2020 shortlist was narrowed down to the following for our prestigious best 5G phone award: Oppo Reno 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Huawei P40 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G.

After much debating, though, in the end it was the absolutely superb Samsung Galaxy S20 5G that walked away with the top prize thanks to its partnering of next-gen 5G connectivity with one of strongest all-round phone packages on the market today.

Indeed, if you take 5G out of the equation, then the S20 remains a simply fantastic smartphone, delivering powerful hardware, a stunning display and a best-in-class Android user interface. And that is saying nothing of its superb camera system, either. Throw 5G on top of this, and you're left with a phone that is a perfect match for many people and one that is very easy to recommend.

As such, we are very pleased to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has won the Best 5G Phone award at the T3 Awards 2020.

For even more winners be sure to check out the T3 Awards 2020 hub page, which is stuffed full of this year's top tech, gadgets and products.

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