T3 Awards 2019: Samsonite Lite-Box takes home our top suitcase award

The incredibly lightweight Samsonite Lite-Box packs a punch, and has been named Best Suitcase at the T3 Awards 2019

T3 Awards 2019: Samsonite Lite-Box takes home our top suitcase award

Whether you're travelling for business or a once in a lifetime holiday, you're going to want to take the best luggage available. After all, your suitcase should make travelling as painless as possible, not constantly get in your way.

T3's much sought after Best Suitcase Award, then, not only celebrates quality materials and innovative design, but the freedom that goes hand-in-hand with a quality piece of luggage.

And this year, the T3 Award for Best Suitcase goes to the Samsonite Lite-Box, which impressed judges with its ability to evoke the feeling of business class travel, even if you're cramped up in economy. 

Much of what makes the Samsonite Lite-Box the best suitcase is to do with the materials and contemporary design employed here. Lite-Box is among the lightest and sturdiest suitcases in its class, weighing just 2.2kg, but is able to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it.

This state-of-the-art case technology is combined with a great deal of attention to detail, giving the Lite-Box collection a distinctive, business-like aesthetic. 

That boxy design isn't just for looks, however, because with a capacity of 38L, it's incredibly practical as well, with plenty of space for a week's worth of travelling.

The interior is a winner too, being fully lined with soft touch premium fabric and a number of useful features to keep your belongings organised. 

Ultimately, the Samsonite Lite-Box won the T3 Award as it's an incredibly well made suitcase, using cutting edge material technology to create not only one of the lightest suitcases possibly, but also one that  will withstand the rigours of modern-day travel.

Full shortlist: Samsonite Lite-Box 55cm, Vango Exodus 60+20, Tumi 19 Degrees Aluminium Carry-on 56cm, Thule Revolve Global Carry-On, Away The Carry-On