T3 Awards 2016: who's nominated for Gadget of the Year?

The tech that's defined the last 12 months

The 'Gadget of the Year' award is always the most hotly contested award category and for good reason. The tech that's defined the year. The best gadget since the last T3 Awards and/or the one that's captured the most headlines and imaginations. It's the chief, it's the king, but above everything, it's the most tip top, top tech.

These devices are at the top of their class and offer something that's unique in the tech world. Whether this is design, usability or just sheer awesomeness they are all deserving of the best gadget crown. But, as always, there can be only one...

Sky Q

Sky turbo-charged its home offering with multi-room, multi-screen support, a fantastically slick interface and reassuringly expensive pricing. When reviewing Sky Q, Editor of T3.com Dan Grabham said that:

"It's futile to deny that Sky Q is brilliant. True, few of the features are previously unseen on their own (though making all Sky Q devices into Wi-Fi hotspots is so, so clever) and the streaming services aren't a patch on those available elsewhere, but the beauty of Sky's services has always been that they guarantee a certain level of slickness; a seamless experience in an age where the connected home remains a bit of a hotchpotch."

Is Sky Q-uids in to win?

Oculus Rift

The poster boy for the second coming of VR, Oculus is an incredible visual experience that promises a revolution in everything from gaming and entertainment to marketing and education. This is what we said when we reviewed the Oculus Rift earlier this year:

"Oculus is a solid and basic way to access a full VR experience if the price and PC specs are within your reach. The experience is a literal eye opener too, from games to 360 movies. The software is friendly to use and the initial range is promising."

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Last year's best-looking phone just got even better, with a fantastic camera and curved, bezel-free screen and improved usability from the operating system. We liked the S7 Edge so much that we said:

"Whether you value the premium glass and aluminium chassis, the high-end specs, or the outstanding camera. This smartphone has it all."

Apple iPhone 6S

Blazingly fast and gorgeous to look at and handle, the iPhone is now so well established, it's like welcoming back an old friend who visits you every year, in return for 600 quid or so.

HTC Vive

Oculus brought us 360-degree virtual reality. HTC Vive gave us that AND the ability to move around in its virtual worlds. Does that trump card give it an Award-winning edge as well as a higher price?

Microsoft Surface Book

A Windows laptop that's also a tablet. Or is it the other way around? Perfecting what other hybrid makers have attempted for years, the Surface Book excels as both devices.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Apple's answer to Microsoft's Surface took a typically unusual approach. It runs a souped up iOS rather than the desktop OS X, boasts unrivalled screen quality and best of all, now comes in a size that most humans can hold.

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire

By the cunning ruse of taking an existing fitness wearable and making it out of more high-end materials, Garmin immediately lifted the Fenix 3 from solid contender to the best of its breed.

Naim Mu-so Qb

Last year's Audio Product of the Year was the Naim Mu-so. This is far easier to fit in your house and much cheaper, but pound-for-pound, every bit as good. Everything a great wireless speaker should be, in cuboid form.

Samsung Family Hub

A massive fridge that's also an Android infotainment centre, the Family Hub even has cameras inside, so you can instantly answer the eternal question, “Do we have milk?” whilst roaming the supermarket aisle.

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