T3 Agenda: Transform your picnic with the hungryhamper carry case. The new Game Of Thrones Sky Q remote covers. And more!

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In today's mid-week T3 Agenda - carry all your utensils and keep your food warm with a hybrid hamper from hungryhouse.co.uk; give your Sky Remote a little Westerosi style with some official covers; and more!

Winter is here, and so are these official Game Of Thrones Sky Q remote covers

With Game Of Thrones season seven in full swing, what better way to show your love for HBO's mega hit TV show than adding a little Westerosi style to your Sky Q remote?

Fans can now pledge their allegiance to their favourite house, picking either the Silver Sigil of the House of Stark, the Gold Sigil of House Lannister or arm themselves with a map of the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

The Sky Q remote covers cost £14.99 each and are available now direct from Sky. The same designs are also available for Sky+HD remotes.

Picnic like a pro with the insulated hungryhamper from hungryhouse.co.uk

When the skies finally clear, and the temperature goes up again, why not head out to the park for a summer picnic? And hungryhouse.co.uk has just the gadget for you - a carry case that's both insulated to keep hot food warm and all your items in place.

The hungryhamper hybrid hamper not only keeps your food heated for longer, but also comes equipped with cutlery, chopsticks and plates to finish off your hassle-free feast. In a bid to say goodbye to cold sausage rolls and squashed sandwiches, the gadget banishes picnic snack etiquette and enables you to tuck into your favourite takeaway treat in style.

It's available now direct from hungryhouse.co.uk for only £89.

The Union from Bern Unlimited is style and safety in one cycling helmet package

Designed specifically for those urban riders who want their gear to look as good as it works, the new Union bike helmet from Bern Unlimited is sure to be an instant urban classic. 

With its modern aesthetic and premium construction, the Union features 21 vents, a BOA 360 degree retention system, a removable flip visor and the modern styling to back it all. It’s one of the lowest profile helmets from the firm to date, with a moisture-control liner that helps you keep cool and sweat-free on long summer commutes. 

The Bern Unlimited Union is available now direct from Bern for only £74.99.

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