T3 Agenda: KitSound Reunion's retro-chic Hi-Fi. A better night's sleep with the Lessa Pillow. And more!

T3 rounds up some of the latest announcements from the world of tech

In today's rainy midweek Agenda, we add a little retro style to our Hi-Fi with the new Reunion model from KitSound, we get a great night's sleep with Leesa Sleep's new pillow, and more...

Nostalgic design meets modern innovation with the new Reunion Hi-Fi from KitSound

Audio wizards KitSound have unveiled their latest speaker, and it's a mixture of classic 1950s cabinets with the advanced technology of modern Hi-Fis. The new KitSound Reunion is one stylish speaker, too - its leather effect wrap was chosen carefully for its looks and durability, while the steel mesh grill finishes off its slick look in matte black.

It has the power to upgrade a turntable’s audio by attaching a 3.5 mm aux cable, transforming a vinyl player’s small, tinny sound to expansive hi-fi audio. The KS Reunion can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a phone or other smart device. But if you really want to relax and indulge in full stereo sound for the TV, simply connect the RCA cable included.

The Reunion’s two speakers combine their powerful 5-inch drivers to boast 40 Watts of rich, powerful audio, thanks to the built-in amplifier. The KitSound Reunion Hi-Fi is available now direct from kitsound.co.uk for only £99.99.

The Leesa Pillow's unique foam core will finally give you the rest you deserve

American mattress maker Leesa Sleep knows we all need a decent sleep (even if it's not for very long), so that's why it's come up with a revolutionary new pillow designed to mold to the contours of your head and neck.

Using the firm's own Universal Adaptive Feel design, the pillow has been remade from the inside out with an advanced Avena foam core for responsive support and air flow perforation and a soft, breathable cover to keep you cool all night long. 

The new Leesa Pillow comes in a standard size (20-inch x 26-inch) and costs $85 (£64) and a king size: (20-inch x 36-inch) with a price tag of $115 (£87). Unfortunately, it's not available in the UK right now, but US residents can order one today. It also form's part Leesa’s One-Ten social impact program, where one pillow is donated for every ten sold. 

You'll still be able to pre-order a SNES Mini later this month, says Nintendo

It only took a mere suggestion that Nintendo was working on a SNES-based follow up to its hugely successful NES Classic Edition for every unit to sell out across the land. While stocks remain empty at the moment, those unlucky few who didn't manage to nab one last month will be able to pre-order later in August.

According to Nintendo, a new wave of pre-orders are being prepped for a variety of retailers in the States and here in the UK, so keep those eyes peeled as the month starts to die down.

Let's just hope Nintendo ensures there's a lot more stock the SNES Classic Edition come September than there were of the NES version that preceded it (of course, this being Nintendo, we won't be holding our breath). In the meantime, check out our review of the NES Classic Edition from back in April.

The Iron Man suit made real - and 3D printed! 

The Iron Man suit is reality. British startup Gravity has come up with this suit that's - crazily- 3D-printed in metal and has six miniature jet engines mounted on the arms and the lower back. The fuel tank is in the backpack. What's more, it has a whopping 1,000-horsepower.

Check it out at the recent Velocity Black party party on Mykonos:

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